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  1. Seven Towers says:

    Ok. Thanks for that marko. Be interesting to compare with the Betfair market when it becomes available. I see they have their 6TBP market up now but hasn’t really formed as of yet.

  2. marko says:

    It will be at 2pm tomorrow for the 6 places 7T

  3. Mike N says:

    Today’s picks…

    1.45 Who Dares Wins ew 5 places
    2.20 Global Citizen coverbet 3 places
    2.50 Terrefort ew
    4.05 Theatre Territory 12s AP, Ballyalton 16s AP. Mystifiable 16 ew 6 places.
    4.40 Ok Corral ew

  4. sling-shot03 says:

    1.45. Who dares wins ew I think King might have a good day today.

  5. moari says:

    1.45 Massinis trap
    2.20 style De Garde
    4.05 midnight shot
    E/d patent

  6. sling-shot03 says:

    Something different I’ve heard about dog tonight at evens supposed to be winning 7.58 Nottingham fun palace flyer.

  7. Seven Towers says:

    Tom Lacey is just amazing at the moment. Don’t think Tom George will be getting nearly as many horses from him now. Got a big price one in the last too.

  8. Mike N says:

    the mud is flying!

  9. Mike N says:

    Swapped Ballyalton for Ultragold 12s ew 5 places

  10. kj says:

    I did think Laler not looked at the race card been going over the national late!
    wonder if todays a good picking day, my guts not great lol but my theoretical gut might work better ;)

  11. kj says:

    my new computer is refusing to work! and this old thing is full keeps stopping… not good sign for jpegging 40 horses tmw

  12. kj says:

    so how much rain actually predicted and how much fell ! any stick news ;)

  13. kj says:

    I mean overnight til now, I might have to move Ucello back out of my picks ;)

  14. Seven Towers says:

    Global Citizen was all hype it appears. But the layers knew beforehand it seems. Ruby on RUK said before the race he didn’t think the Dovecote form was up to much.

  15. sling-shot03 says:

    Maybe 7 but that ground looks very testing.

  16. Seven Towers says:

    Agree. Probably see him in the big handicaps next season.

  17. Seven Towers says:

    Lot of money for a handicapper though!

  18. Seven Towers says:

    Hoping the NH Chase form gets a boost here. Might be too soon though.

  19. Seven Towers says:

    Has Ms Parfois got a grey leg?

  20. kj says:

    What is this social stable stuff!? lets see AP pat DPI instead! anything actually related to this sport!

    It is terribly sad Richard Woolicotts not here, but I think the amount the presenters have repeated the story everytime his horses run is almost insincere just for the ‘story’ journalism, have a bit of discretion. Still taboo to say he killed himself I just don’t get it, I know 2 young relatives in both our families who ‘did it’ last yr, its almost ‘they fell asleep’ language why? … god I really dislike this new itv anchorman why don’t we replace him with a high tech robot they can have move conversations. Sorry if its considered indiscreet of me but really find it false.

  21. kj says:

    They need old skodas today!

  22. Mike N says:

    Get in Terrefort!

  23. kj says:

    hmm grey beats Parfois …another for Daryl J in green.

  24. Seven Towers says:

    WD Mike. Ms Parfois is such a brilliant jumper. Could they risk her in the big one next year?

  25. Mike N says:

    Cool ride from Jacob :)

  26. Mike N says:

    Ta ST

  27. kj says:

    but the ground for Ucello ?

  28. Mike N says:

    Those green colours doing well at the minute. Bodes well for Ucello.

  29. kj says:

    sounds like a great team, the french should listen to this advice! don’t micro manage a pro!

  30. pablo says:

    50/1 e/w 4 places Good Man Pat in the Sefton

    Good luck with your bets!

  31. Mike N says:

    Ucello likes soft kj bit not gluey soft. So who knows.

  32. Mike N says:


  33. kj says:

    Parfois reminds me of Binders ;) (bindaree)
    She actually asked if the horses know they win, typical human arrogance, but she’s a trainers daughter right! do animals think? err what!

  34. kj says:

    yeah I’m worried about super glue!

  35. kj says:

    can’t complain too much tho happy for Raz, put my maximum bet on him.

  36. Seven Towers says:

    The Topham Four

    Ballyalton @ 14/1
    Bigbadjohn @ 20/1
    Shanahans Turn @ 18/1
    Clarcam @ 22/1

  37. kj says:

    greys are tough

  38. kj says:


  39. Mike N says:

    ST aren’t you worried about the ground for Ballyalton or was it an AP wager?

  40. kj says:

    thanking jockeys for ‘cooperation’? Chamberlain talks like a policeman.

  41. kj says:

    Not been looking at this mates got betting issues I liked 00 seven no idea other than previously backed, wht you guys on?

  42. Kevski111 says:

    Free bet Tom Ballamy double in Topham and National e/w.

  43. Mike N says:

    Get in Ultragold!

  44. Mike N says:

    1st and 3rd. :)

  45. kj says:

    I was gonna post this…..will follow Ultragold for old times sake and running at the front ;)

  46. kj says:

    well done Mike.

  47. kj says:

    Is that Kez in the sky there!?

  48. Kevski111 says:

    Well done Mike. Don’t know why I jumped in for Tom Bellamy e/w double when I should have gone Cobden! He is on my nap after all.. silly punt.

  49. Mike N says:

    Cheers all :)

  50. Mike N says:

    Dunno what made Francesca Cumani dress up in her tablecloth.

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