Cheltenham Festival 2018

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  1. Lucky Vane2 says:

    What a race and what an outcome. The best 2 horses in the race and probably currently training in staying chases, battling it out all the way to the line. Had both and Road To Respect in permed forecast too. Djakadam third for much of the way give is all (as did everything). But these two was miles better than everything else. Questions on how the Grand National hopefuls will come out of this, and will they still go for the National?

  2. kj says:

    I just think he looks like if he gets something wrong, pressumably momentum did it today …he goes down cause he is not one to get a leg out.
    Love Native, before the race Might Bite was really eye balling him and Native just not interested. Might Bite knew who the competition was apparntly ;)

  3. Mike N says:

    on good ground Might Bite would’ve laughed at him but well done on Native’s guts today. :D

  4. Pollyowls says:

    Brian Ellison has told the radio that Defintly Red won’t go for the National… doesn’t think he’ll stay
    If Total Recall’s jumping was as dodgy as the guys are saying, then maybe he’s not the right one either..

    Time was 7 mins 02.60 – only the 2nd time since Desert Orchid that the time was over 7 minutes

  5. Showlad says:

    With the Gold Cup winner crowned Round 4 of The Grand National Vote 2018 is now open and will close on Sunday 25th March at midnight :) :) :) :)

  6. Mike N says:

    i don’t think its that dodgy myself Pollyowls, particularly as there are so many Tiger Roll fans about. ;)

  7. kj says:

    Not saying he jumped dodgy today, he jumps most part successfully, but his styles the worry, if something happens either taking off or landing, his slightly odd action ‘legs together/ bunny hop’ not adaptable for landing, he is in some ways too straight if something goes wrong. Could say unlucky today, but he was lucky to get up! They went slow first lap I thought was a real slog.
    Pacha last min thought.

  8. Mike N says:

    i always did think you was a legs man kj ;)

  9. kj says:

    oh On the Fringe is in there… Id have to

  10. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Total Recall fall was because he was tired. Looking at a replay he nearly sprawled out a front limb, but retracted it before any serious injury, then rolled on his back and got up. In my opinion should be unhurt, but wether they still going for the National, well I don’t want to second guess connections.

  11. kj says:

    Hoorah for the old timer there! hope someone else picked him.
    You do assume Mike ;)

  12. Mike N says:

    re the Gold Cup, according to Alice Plunkett, every connection of the beaten horses said their horses hated the ground. even the ones where soft ground was meant to suit. make of that what you will.
    maybe it got a bit gluey again as it had been a dry day.

  13. Pollyowls says:

    I’ve just heard the most incredible thing…
    Harriet Tucker’s just told Derek Thompson she dislocated her shoulder jumping the last…put it back in and then rode the finish.
    If that’s right.. that’s just unbelievable!!!

  14. kj says:

    Wow! it did look an odd finish, luckily Pacha can win with anyone other than Victoria Pendleton onboard ;)

    It was proper heavy today, those two were proven class but neither were pleased about things from the last fence. They said at the end there, this week favoured those kept in their boxes all yr.

  15. Mike N says:

    Richard Johnson gets a ban for excessive use of the whip in the Gold Cup.

  16. Kevski111 says:

    Thought Native would run ‘em into the ground.

  17. Systemsman says:

    Total Recall – I just hope he is fit for the GN – should have found him a nice little prep in a small race or at least just let him run around without trying to win. On paper he had a chance but i always felt the GN was their right race.

    Native River best at weight adjusted RPR’s but TR still looked in with chance.
    Last three runs/this season only(latest on the right).

    Native River 181 . Best TS this season 136
    Might Bite 177 / 177 / . This TS this season 138
    Anibale Fly 144 / 139 / 168 / 0. Best TS

    Total Recall 178 /179 / 167

  18. Systemsman says:

    Sorry too early
    Anibale Fly best TS this season 117
    Total Recall best TS this season 144

  19. JJ says:

    Agree Systemsman, Total Recall should have been found a more suitable prep race, in my opinion it was a complete waste of time running him today and he was never going to win, and he’s lucky to have got up unharmed in the end.

  20. Seven Towers says:

    Jurassic Park!

  21. Seven Towers says:

    I’ll turn the light out shall I?!

  22. Mike N says:

    Cheltenham Tipping Competition 2018 result

    Thanks all for taking part and well done to Seven Towers who takes the title from MarkB and superkeno.

    Seven Towers 50
    MarkB 43
    superkeno 43
    Corbiere 41
    Irish Raider 36
    Alesia 35
    Mike N 34
    baggy 32
    sling-shot 30
    LuckyVane 30
    Systemsman 30
    red flash 29
    Bobs Worth 28
    marko 28
    Kevski 27
    Patsy 27
    galileo 26
    JJ 26
    NTS 26
    Jackie 21
    National Punter 20
    rough and tumble 20
    PenguinKeeper 18
    kedi dangalak 18
    coate_rj 15
    Pollyowls 14
    majorattraction 13

  23. Seven Towers says:

    I’d like to thank a few people……..

  24. Seven Towers says:

    ……my old sparring Mike N for organising, Judy and Trish for the lovely spread, obviously my parents……

  25. kj says:

    haha well done on running away with it Seven!

  26. MarkB says:

    Well done Seven, 50 is a great score.
    I’m more than happy finishing joint runner up, it’s been a great Cheltenham had a few good priced winners and solid places, and finally I backed the winner of the Gold Cup, something I hadn’t done since I backed Synchronised.
    Cheers Mike for running a great competition, it made me look at some races I’d probably of not normally of bet on (the last 2 not shown on tv) and i did quite well in those.

  27. Mike N says:

    what’s Alan Fleming been up to?

    “The Veterinary Officer reported that a kit bag search of Alan Fleming, the trainer of FOXROCK (IRE), revealed possession of Pro-Dosa Boost Oral Paste, an electrolyte trace element replacer. The trainer, the Equine Welfare and Integrity Officer and the Veterinary Officer were interviewed. The explanation of the trainer that it was unopened and had not been used was noted. Being satisfied that the gelding had received only normal food and water by mouth on the day of racing, the Stewards allowed FOXROCK (IRE) to run and the gelding was routine tested. They further confiscated the substance, ordered that it be tested, and referred the matter to the Head Office of the British Horseracing Authority.”

  28. Mike N says:

    Jessica Harrington didn’t beat about the bush…

    “Our Duke was never happy jumping off that ground which quite honestly is appalling.”

  29. Seven Towers says:

    I watched the Grand Annual on my phone in the pub. Hadn’t realised about Dresden and North Hill Harvey. RIP and a thank you to both of them. Really sad news.

  30. Seven Towers says:

    Regarding Harrington, walk the f—— course and pull him out if you don’t like it.

  31. Seven Towers says:

    Hang on. Didn’t National Punter get two big price winners?

  32. moreen says:

    Total Recall’s jockey rode him back after his fall, saying he thought he’d been passed by someone he’ thought’ was a vet. The Mullins lads have got away with so much this week[ although, with Dickie Johnsons whip ban I guess there are plenty more at fault ]. Sad about the fatalities; thought the week was ending on a high, too.

  33. moreen says:

    …other than dear old Pacha [who even I could ride, I reckon] and the bumper horse who was a last minute steamer [I always back those in bumpers] I’ve had a terrible week, betting wise. Also made the mistake of thinking NRNB meant if the horse didn’t run in the race you’d backed it in; didn’t realise it didn’t apply to horses that were entered in other festival races. And you only get best odds guaranteed on bets placed on the day of the race. I’ll get the hang of this betting lark one day, perhaps….

  34. Seven Towers says:

    Funny you should say that mo. Patrick Mullins got back on top Rathvinden having dismounted him because the horse was on the verge of collapse. I have no doubt that he did so because he wanted his moment of glory riding back in to the enclosure thus momentarily putting his own wishes before the welfare of the horse. Willie Mullins then went on screen on RUK to say that the horse was absolutely fine and saw no reason as to why they shouldn’t come back together with his son on board. The horse was visibly distressed to all those viewing so he may well be a master and winningmost Festival trainer that has ever lived but he is also a ruthless and unforgiving c— and his son is far worse. Excuse my vernacular please.

  35. Mike N says:

    Seven Towers says:
    March 16, 2018 at 7:32 pm
    Hang on. Didn’t National Punter get two big price winners?

    Deadline missed.

  36. Seven Towers says:

    Harsh! But well done National Punter anyway.

  37. NTS says:

    Thanks Mike N for all the hard work organising and scoring and well done to Seven Towers for winning with such an excellent score.

  38. marko says:

    WD 7T i hand over the crown to you congrats , Thanks Mike N for running the contest enjoyable as always :)

  39. Mike N says:

    no worries

  40. JJ says:

    Congrats Seven Towers, a cracking score considering the conditions.
    Top work Mike with the scoring.
    RIP Mossback, Report To Base, Sandsend, Dresden and North Hill Harvey, hope the grass tastes sweet wherever you are.

  41. sling-shot03 says:

    Well done Seven good score.Mike N thanks for running the competition. It was a bad day for me but come good in the last had a nice ew on the winner.And a Trixie up at Wolverhampton so good end to the day.

  42. majorattraction says:

    Well done 7T and thanks for all the admin Mike N, glad I could prop up the table for eveyone, I will be back next year to defend my wooden spoon!

  43. Alesia says:

    Well done Seven. Sad to say that Some Plan is reported to have also died in the last race.

  44. Lescargot says:

    Just flagging one up following the Gold Cup. I had originally backed Disko. If you look at his form against Anibale Fly, who he beat a comfortable 5 lgths, on G/Y at Punchestown last April, depending on how he would have handled the ground, it could have put Disko in the GC frame. before the GC the trainer said he would keep him for the spring meetings due to his interrupted prep.Probably worth keeping an eye on in the AP lists.

  45. National Punter says:

    Looks like I got no points for a might bite second, a 25/1 Pacha du polveir & blow by blow 11/1 winner on the last day?
    Main thing on the day after being down all week a big bet on Pacha came off , then a drunk I’m up big bet on blow by blow so the second year running I got a big win on the last day and came away well up.
    2 x 25/1 winners over the 28 races & 12/1 & 11/1
    Well done winners, was a strange festival, with a load of outsiders tearing up the form guide!!!

  46. National Punter says:

    Thanks seven towers , with all the excitement of travelling upto Cheltenham that was the earliest I could post.
    50 minutes before the first race must have given me a pick an outsider advantage!!

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