Scottish Grand National 2009

The Scottish Grand National is run at Ayr on Saturday 18th April and currently has 96 horses engaged, although a number of the Paul Nicholls engaged runners have been listed as doubtful runners.

The Scottish National can prove to be a useful guide to winners at Aintree with Comply Or Die, Earth Summit and Little Polveir all previous runners in the Scottish National (although not necessarily the year before winning at Aintree). The fact that both races are usually run on good ground gives a really clear indication of the type of horse that will stay extreme distances on that type of underfoot conditions.

Here are the current top fancies and their best odds at time of writing:

Chief Dan George 7/1 Bet365 Click here for £100 of free bets Bet365

Tricky Trickster 8/1 Coral. Click here for £20 free bet Coral.

Nine De Sivola 9/1 Boylesports Click here for £200 of free bets Boylesports

West End Rocker 12/1 VCBet Click here for £50 free bet VCBet

Merigo 12/1 Paddy Power Click here for Bet £10 Get £20 Free Paddy Power

Russian Trigger 12/1 Stan James. Click here for £25 free bet Stan James.

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219 Responses to Scottish Grand National 2009

  1. maureen says:

    Amazing performance by Hello Bud [and his trainer!]. Bitterly disappointed with Nine de Sivola’s performance; was obvious by half way that he wasn’t going anywhere. Chief Dan George ran in snatches; I would have loved to have seen him run a big race. Did McCoy leave it a bit late with Gone to Lunch, or would another jockey have not even got second? Sea Diva and L’Aventure staying on as usual but not good enough [as usual!]. Congratulations to Buddy backers!

  2. Pablo says:

    He mentioned Irish Raptor too, though he couldn’t remember the Topham – er er at Liverpool

    Well he’ll be back at Liverpool next April NTD and I hope you have him fit, well and with Paddy Brennan in the saddle

  3. Brian says:

    Congratulations to all who went with Hello Bud.

    Hopefully the Irish and Scots natioanls have replenished most peoples pockets after teh english version and roll on 2010 when we can start our assault on the bookies again.

    Lots of hard work to be done before then tho and hopefully there will be people using this site all year long.

    But for those that wont pop by til next year then thanks a lot for the crack, tips & stats and look forward to hearing from you all next year.

  4. Systemsman says:

    I’am off to the “Poor House” now with the kids and the wife, I’am told you have to eat porridge for every meal and make mail bags for 12hours, still better than starving in the streets.

    And in the real world …..
    At this rate we will all end up there! Its the last time I ever invest (fun bet or not)on the IN or SN, so many chnages in ground conditions, late withdrawals et etc and so very few posts with any mention of the winners (lets be honest about it). Thank God I only had fun bets on both and my big gamble is still on to recoup the GN money (i hope to post the datails later this week when all my own money is on).

    Will be able to post the best OR/RPR lists soon (on GN Final analayis thread)when the SN RPR’s are out – this should give us some pointers to next years GN. Any early suggestions anyone? – one or two good profiles already mentioned. For me the work for the GN 2010 starts the day after the GN 2009! (and the same each yar).

  5. Neil says:

    Everyone the still the bet 365 at sandown for us to lose our shirts on. Brrr its cold without my shirt. Only joking remember keep with in your budget and don’t give them anything back.

  6. crisp 73 says:

    Too right Neil, they took enough off us on April 4th!

    Systemsman, are old ‘friends’ Parsons Legacy and Character Building are ticking all the 2010 GN boxes at the moment. Full observations/ thoughts after Sandown- lets get winner next Saturday!

  7. Pablo says:

    Will Snoopy Loopy be top weight for next week’s race with Order of Merit points up for grabs?

  8. Silver Birch says:

    Yeehah .. what a day :-) – I went down to Ayr and watched in the glorious sunshine as the brave little Hello Bud led from start to finish and held of the late challenge of the great a.p . great stuff. i managed to get a fiver on betfair at 130 /1 on Monday night . between that and niche market its been a fab week and has helped heal some of the aintree wounds …. i hope some of the regulars and others alike managed to catch the buddy…. as I said tough and gutsy customer ….! thats three nationals now . the southern , tne somerset and the scottish..:-)

  9. Neil says:

    129/1 sounds like a good bet (i think you mean). Sounds like a good bet. Were you tempted to lay off for a guarantee profit or were you sweating and hoping. I think I’d have laid off personally.

  10. Silver Birch says:

    Neil , i was sweating and hoping and nearly passed out when gone to lunch swooped after the last … either incredibly brave or incredibly stupid . still .. it was only a fiver … hopefully a few others on at fancy prices as well.. time to take stock now and begin the long road to aintree in 2010 . ill have a little dabble on the whitbread next and then confess all to the missus who will earmark my winnings towards a holiday at some point this year…

  11. st peter says:

    Congrats to all who made a profit today.
    Got the 2nd and third so showed a small profit but not good enough.
    Neil-you had Buddy earlier on and then went off it.Looking forward to your input for next Saturdays race and thanks for your work.
    Backfitting is pointless-I like this site because the vast majority are honest and willing to share their considered views to try and make a few bob.
    Buddy failed two of my main trends-not won at least C2 chase or even come close.
    Won no more than 3 hcap chases 18/20-Buddy had won six.As Maureen said earlier backing an improving 11YO sounds mad but the Twister has pulled it off and Paddy B rode it with total confidence.
    The other 11YO,s to win had graded form .
    Thaks to crisp 73,Brian and Pablo for invaluable stats.Any layers out there would have sussed CDG as a big negative.

  12. Neil says:

    Story of my life. Fancied Party Politics for 92 grand national then went off him and did Romany King instead. In case some of you don’t know Pp won and Rk was second which is why I said never change your mind.

  13. Neil says:

    As soon as I got something to input to any race I will pass it on. Hopefully it will be invaluable to someone. For example I said for this race something in form won last time out or placed.

  14. Neil says:

    I just followed Performance Factor stats overlaid the factors I thought appropriate and prices at the time and try to work out value for money at the time.

  15. crisp 73 says:

    Sandown Gold Cup.
    16/19 recorded their best ever RPR that season. The three that didn’t had all recorded their best in previous seasons… at Sandown!

    18/19, 11/11 recorded an RPR of 137 or more.

    17/19 had a chase strike rate of 40% or more- the two that didn’t had placed at 29f or more and carried 10st on the day.

    17/19 won/placed at 25f or more.

    14/19 10-10 or less to victory.
    Four of the five that carried 10-13 or more had;
    RPR 163 plus/ TS 156 plus.
    OR 152 TO 165
    (Puntal odd one out, RPR 149, TS 126 carried 11-4/OR 142,and curiously is only winner not to win/place at 24f)

    11/11 top 3 in C1 chase.

  16. Showlad says:

    Wing Commander Showlad reporting in! Sir!
    Well Glad I kepot my head and more or less recouped on EW bets on Curch I sland and Out The Black.
    Looking forward to the real deals keeping going on the Grand National Analysis thread, of whom I can hopefully be lucky enough to count myself amongst.. Let’s get the core trends agreed, keep the fringe ones to ourselves and move forward. The most impressive for me from the 2 national Nationals were Church Island and of course Hello Bud with Out The Black showing potential.
    Best to All – let’s keept it going through the Summer and Autumn – bfeore you know it, lol, God blessing us, we’ll all be escaping the commercialism of Christmas and looking to the Welsh National :) The Welsh for me is now by FAR the most important and greatest yard stick for the GN.

  17. Showlad says:

    Admin can we get a thread please posted up for the Sandown Gold Cup?

  18. Neil says:

    Showlad the already a thread on the Sandown Gold Cup in place.

  19. Systemsman says:

    crisp 73 great facts again on the Sandown Gold Cup hepefully a small bet will pay off this time – I am going to do some study myself on this one, given time, rather than just look at others posts.

    Silver Birch use your winnings and take the wife and family on holiday! Now if only I can get one of those on investmesnts next Saturday – come on people help me out and I will see what i can do also. Anymore trends for Sandown Gold Cup anyone?

    It will help if people can post their top 3 against the field from now to Friday as by Saturday the value will be all gone (but dont get me wrong better Saturday morning than Saturday night!!)

    Anyone know the expected going?