Irish Grand National 2009

The Irish Grand National has proved to be one of the most interesting races of the whole year when it comes to looking for future Aintree Grand National runners/winners.

Recent winners at Fairyhouse Butlers Cabin and Hear The Echo have gone on to be well supported at Aintree and Bobbyjo and Numbersixvalverde have managed to win both races.

Even though Fairyhouse is a right handed track the test of stamina and the extremely testing fences ensure that it compares favourably with any of the other races seen as a “prep” race for future Aintree winners.

This year the race at Fairyhouse in on Monday 13th April and currently there are 73 runners engaged with bookmakers showing a variety of horses at the top of a very open market. A number of the currently fancied runners include: Witchita Lineman, Emma Jane, Royal County Star and Welsh National hero Notre Pere.

By the sounds of things you are keen just to get a thread up and running on this race so I’ll leave it there for the time being.

Good luck.

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186 Responses to Irish Grand National 2009

  1. kj says:

    how did garde do? I had a little on him too, after he pulled out of the GN. didn’t hear any mention b4 radio cut out.

  2. Mattzz says:

    i dont know im afraid. i was trying to watch it on paddy power and it all went pear shaped, so i only got the result

    won a bit back on rare bob though, not a bad result

  3. Showlad says:

    Well I think Garde answered our GN Qs and the answer is emphatically – STICK TO CROSS COUNTRY LOL!

    Hope you all got on my recommendation of Church Island @66s. Did well on that EW return.

    What a bizzare race that is though, eh?

    Roll on Scottish Next Week, that’s all I can say :)

  4. kj says:

    Oh! thanks Mattzz, great… this is not usually my race makes up for Rambo stake leftover even with my COD second saver. thanks for the pointer Maureen great outsider… like me ;)

  5. staff says:

    congratulations to maureen,nice one.

  6. staff says:

    8 out of last 9 winners have been rated 125-136, did’nt someone post.
    so why did i back 4 horses above that?.

  7. Neil says:

    Niche market &Rare Bob are young enough to make an impact on next year’s GN. However everyone will be on NM and he might get lubbered with a huge weight.

  8. staff says:

    give up! had mon mome on 8 horse shortlist put over £100 on 5 of them(not mon mome)instead of sticking a tenner on all 8.
    and now did’nt stick to what few trends there was for irish.

  9. crisp 73 says:

    Haven’t seen the race. Niche Market would need to improve 1st, 2nd, 3rd strike rate in chases as it is low for GN winners.
    Church Island at this moment in time has a perfect profile; 11 yr old next year, RPR 148, left handed 148, TS 139, won a C1/C2 chase 17k, top 3 in a C1 chase-2nd in Irish National, 50% strike rate in chases, at least 3 chase wins, won at 25f, placed at 29f(furthest he’s ever ran)

  10. Cornish Sett says:

    Thanks guys, all my GN losses and more recouped on Niche Market.

    Had the 1-2-3 but win only, should have taken the tasty enough place money on A New Story but thats racing I guess!

    Onto the Scottish now I guess… after staying on from another parish at Cheltenham and a proven stayer, i’m backing Nine De Sivola to finally break his chase duck

  11. crisp 73 says:

    ‘top 5 place in furthest distance raced’ looks quite good in Irish National now- Niche Market had been 4th at 32f.

  12. st peter says:

    Well done Maureen and also The Stayer,Brian and TC who shortlisted Niche Market.It was 70 0n Betfair at midday.

  13. kj says:

    staff, MM was on my and a few others jan/feb shortlist of 7/8. none of us backed him early, then, and although I didn’t think his last few races were as poor as some were making out, I and the nation couldn’t back him after the midlands nat. it looked too much too close, gutted as I had a sentimental few quid on him there with 11-12, but happy for the horse etc. a proper national horse.

    Here I kinda stuck to my own thoughts, stayed away from confusion and over study, but nice to find a smallish thread to scan here, followed the few stats… and I like Maureens thinking, so looked into that tip, liked it, and the price so went for it! You are right Staff shoulda stuck with the few stats, better luck next time, going to look at scottish thread soon, but off for some belated national bubbly. Heres to you Maureen!

  14. kj says:

    oh, is Brian back! rambo was gutting but this made up for it, Brian, my first go at the Irish…. shame I didn’t see it and then didn’t hear it!!! probably never will so if anyone can run through it for my pleasure I’d be grateful, well done everyone who had this one.

  15. st peter says:

    Niche only failed two of my stats-
    Top 4 last completed chase now 17/21.Was 8th last run Cheltenham .Mudahim also trained GB was 6th Cheltenham +Point Barrow and Echo who both broke 8 trends.
    Won 2 chases + now 19/21,though Niche was 2nd beaten head.
    Scottish National anyone?

  16. rhino says:

    33-1, 50-1 and another 50-1, 1st 2nd and 3rd……… dis aint racing its a con

  17. puzzled says:

    Both Wichita Lineman and Drumcovis lost their lives in the race.

    Wichita and Exotic dancer such a blow to the jonjo team in the spate of a few weeks.

  18. kj says:

    oh dear thats awful news, wichita won so well at cheltenham and then this, its a tragic turnaround.

  19. maureen says:

    not much pleasure out of that win after the fatalities, I’m afraid…so sorry for connections of both horses….

  20. litefoot says:

    After the shock of the Grand National I decided to have a go on the Irish National, but rather than spend aeons going through the stats I just read the last 3 pages on here to see what everyone was going for. Thanks guys, won a tenner on Niche Market! Doesn’t claim back my GN losses but it’s a start :)

  21. SILVER BIRCH says:

    By some minor miracle of fate – i stuck 3 quid on Niche Market at 80 /1 on betfair as i suspected another shock here .. any time there is a big race where the ground has been watered id treat all previous form with caution… yet another big race where watered ground and big priced winners go hand in hand… least it helped heal the mon mome wounds a little . i see ayr are planning to water next week as well so the merry go round or circus may go on for a while yet ..! :-)

  22. Systemsman says:

    I had a gut feeling its was not a race to get stuck into too hard (only had a fun bet which I made on Saturday so it was free)- nice for those few that won though – well done. Now thats 2/2 to big price winners – now the Scots Nat just cant go that way can it? Lets all work on it and get it down to a list of three if possible.

    Crisp 73 thanks for your note 5 above – yes Church Island has to be considered for the GN 2010 short list if it enters it that is.

  23. Neil says:

    Didn’t win,but all I ask for is a decent run for my money and Ruby give me that at least.Maybe next year if his form holds out.
    Sad about the two horses dieing,I hoped they didn’t suffer.

  24. mattzz says:

    apparently emma jane is in a bit of trouble after the race as well…not good at all

  25. bobby jo says:

    Many many thanks to you all on this site, i lost £300 on Rambling Minister but recouped my bet with a £100 e/w on Comply or Die. As i took up offers from several bookies to get the best value for my bets i had a remaining free bet to use of £35 that i could only use after the grand national. Again i took advise from this site and found several of you fancied niche market for the irish national as an each way bet,but i used my free bet on the horse to win at 33/1. May i say thankyou £1,100 times.

    Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou

  26. bobby jo says:

    Only just noticed the fatalities does take the shine of win sorry if sounded heartless, been out all day a theme park only just come in and read telly text.

  27. chris says:

    Management @ the course should be ashamed re todays race. Not only because two horses died in the race – one well fancied went at the first fence – but that 2 circuits later as the winners are on the final run in – the downed horse can still be seen struggling to get up with not much attention being paid to him behind a half erected screen! I am not anti racing but I feel strongly that standards must be set – and adhered to – at a high level to insure the welfare of the horses. The third horse that was mentioned – Emma Jane I think, lost the rider early on and continued on loose for most of the race – weaving in and out dangerously across the course – the use of outriders would help prevent loose horses injuring themselves or interfering with other runners and shouldn’t be that difficult to organise. What I saw today made me questions if any standards were in place at Fairyhouse – a real disgrace! I was watching on TV – I can’t imagine what a grim specticle this was for people at the course to have to watch the distress of this animal. I will be complaining to the racecourse directly and if I can find any other official routes too.

  28. maureen says:

    One to take out of the race for next years National is One Cool Cookie; was pointed out to me a while ago that this one is bred to stay and will be the magic age of 9 next year. Know what you mean, bobbyjo; I saw the result before I was able to watch the race and felt that someone had thrown a bucket of cold water over me. Terribly sad.

  29. Pablo says:

    I agree with One Cool Cookie – I would have had a few quid on him if he’d lined up at Aintree.

    Maureen hats off again – win or lose I think your contributions are top notch and very well considered

  30. maureen says:

    am I right in thinking that the claiming jockeys were able to use their claim? if they did, most of the placed horses were ridden by claimers..worth noting for next year.

  31. maureen says:

    Emma Jane has gone to veterinary hospital but they think she’s going to be ok.

  32. Pablo says:

    think the bunny boiler was the last to win the Irish GN with claimer in 2002

    coincidence and perhaps a non-staying bunch of novices and youngsters this year (a new story was too close?) – although i still want to be proved that skip two would not have stayed – i believe that he would on that ground

  33. mattzz says:

    is there any where you can watch a replay of the race? i never actually got to see it

  34. mattzz says:

    nevermind, i watched the replay on ATR, what exactly happened with witchita?, it looked like he fell and then got up and collapsed, but jonjo seems to think he was hit by the horse behind…looked awful

  35. Pablo says:

    Niche Market & Church Island very good RPRs in Irish National – 154 & 150

    Should they match those numbers next season both would be of real interest at Aintree next April but my feeling is that the handicapper might put them up a fair bit on weights day