Scottish National 2016

Apologies for the delay.

Please add your thoughts (Thurs eve onwards) to this thread for the 2016 Scottish Grand National

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81 Responses to Scottish National 2016

  1. marko says:

    Hi Mike C, ive gone for the 2 Warriors at Ayrv today 9/2 & 12/1 , good luck with your picks

  2. billymag says:

    Cant leave Sun Cloud unbacked ew at 66/1 running off 135 with a 5lb claim got plenty of form that suggests its well handicapped, not sure if it will get the trip but at that price happy to find out with the 5 places available.

  3. Kevski111 says:


  4. Showlad says:

    1.50 TOP BILLING

  5. Showlad says:

    Ooops thot Top Billing back on hurdles…No, novice chase showlad. Lol leave it now til the 4.10 :)

  6. Showlad says:

    Good Luck all with the big one. Hope we nail the target today :) :)

  7. Mike N says:

    to avoid confusion put your non GN Ayr selections on the general tips 2016 thread. Ta.

  8. Seven Towers says:

    Bit disappointed Fine Rightly isn’t going today. So my money on him now goes on to VICENTE.

  9. sling-shot03 says:

    Hi all I have done six for the Scottish National it’s a hard one to pick because there is a lot quality horses this year.

    Highland Lodge 20/1 ew Nap
    Cause of Causes 14/1 ew
    Heathfield 12/1 ew
    Measure of my dreams 12/1 ew
    Royal Knight 20/1 ew
    Shotgun Paddy 28/1 ew good luck all

  10. moari says:

    Last minute bet straidnahanna

  11. Corbiere says:

    For what it’s worth my 5 against the field are as follows:
    MILANSBAR 28/1 – His 2nd in The Midlands GN by 2 lengths carrying 11st 12lb , Kept on same pace over 4 miles 1 1/2 furlongs in Soft reason for selection. Now only carrying 11st 2lb in this.
    HIGHLAND LODGE 16/1 – Trained specifically for GN , won Beecher Chase on Soft over 3m 2f with comment Stayed on well.
    TOUR DES CHAMPS 28/1 – Won the Sussex National at Plumpton over 3m 4f in Soft by 16 lengths carrying 11st 11lb comment Eased after the last reads well to me, now set to carry lightweight of 10st 7lb and Ryan Hatch taking off a further 3lb .
    HEATHFIELD – 9/1 His Punchestown win over 3m 6f in Soft last May , looks laid out for this by shrewdy Tony Martin with a nice win over hurdles a couple of weeks ago carrying 11st 10lb comment Driven clear to assert on run in by 5 3/4 lengths
    MILBOROUGH 33/1 – His win in the Eider Chase over 4m 1/2f in Good/Soft last year, only 3lb higher in this , a stayed on 2nd in 3m at Carlisle carrying 11st 2lb end March shows a return to form.
    All ew 5 places at Stanley Bet
    Good Luck one and all !

  12. pablo says:

    Well done ST and othe winners

    Pleased for Nicholls – hope he gets the title

  13. kj says:

    wow! well done 7T I backed Alvarado in the end think he got up for 2nd .

  14. Seven Towers says:

    NH Chase yet again.

  15. Seven Towers says:

    I’ve done a National hat trick!

  16. marko says:

    Well done winners & placers

  17. Corbiere says:

    Well done 7T amazing Hat Trick !
    I did rubbish again.
    Couldn’t believe that flying finish from Alvarado.

  18. kj says:

    I think I got a double this year on the other nationals you didn’t win ;) and seconditus in the rest. Had 4 running for me in the end here, and was rather worried when Pineau came there running and I had backed Alvarado gotta say, shame he unshipped.

  19. super keno says:

    3rd and 5th for me!!! Well done Seven for getting the winner

  20. Showlad says:

    WD 7T and all winners :)

  21. kj says:

    oh no, I only got 3rd best in the GN.
    Hey super keno thats the same result as my GN ;)

  22. kj says:

    that was great fun, but again some suprisingly poor runs.
    I apparently had 5 bets there correction,.. sorry I had a siesta and I’m a bit cross eyed… got up to watch :)

  23. Seven Towers says:

    I do like a sheepskin noseband on a National winner!

  24. kj says:

    Me too 7 meee toooo :D and if not would be nice to see a ‘rodeo’ horse win ;) I thought being up there Al could win but he kinda stalled before doing his flyer.

  25. sampy says:

    Outpaced again KJ, did him too, but good to see him near the pace. Interesting handicapping with the winner on his RPR’s and dropped 7lbs! Handicapper must’ve thought he’d overegged the pudding.

    Frustrating once again trying to predict the going. What is it they say about betting, 1st one and last one?
    Watching the race its a totally different test to what you expected it to be when you sat down to look at it, even if it was only the evening before.

  26. kj says:

    I assume you all heard about the people voting to naming a boat Boaty Mcboatface the guy who thought up the name then disowned it lol. Well its happened, we have a horse in Australia called Horsey McHorseface it “is not the first homage paid to Boaty McBoatface: a train driver recently amused London commuters by renaming his train Trainy McTrainface.” now that made me cry laughing, Thomas the tank and all that, but ahh poor horse.

  27. sampy says:

    Bit of a Gandalf/ Balrog BD from Top Wood and Folsom Blue. Looked like FB was clear of him only to be dragged down at the last second!

  28. Pollyowls says:

    Well done to the winners…!!
    Having flagged him up earlier in the week, Seeyouatmidnight now a definite for my GN long list for 2017 – thought he ran a stormer for a novice – he goes on the list with The Young Master

  29. Seven Towers says:

    Sad postscript to the race was Golden Chieftan breaking down. What rotten luck he had. RIP fella.

  30. kj says:

    Oh no! that is awful news.
    I didn’t see it,…and he was going well in the leading pack,.. I wondered where he was at the end and thought well hooray atleast he he didn’t fall at the last :(

  31. miinnehoma says:

    Scottish Nat. Stats from crisp73 – 2013.

    VINCENTE – 18 YES, 2 NO.

    YES – 17/17 7-84 days since last run.
    YES – 17/17 3-8 preps since 1st September.
    YES – 16/17 5+ chases (Beshabar)– 14/17 9+
    YES – 17/17 top6 last time out.
    YES – 17/17 40%+ chase top3 strike rate.
    YES – 17/17 top2 at 25f+
    NO- – 16/17 5+ h’cap chase runs or won a h’cap.
    YES – 17/17 OR150 or less.
    YES – 16/17 12+ chase/hurdle runs.
    YES – 16/17 3 or more runs at 25f+
    YES – 16/17 won at 24f+
    YES – 16/17 2+ chase wins or 25% win strike rate.
    YES – 16/17 19%+ chase win strike rate.
    YES – 16/17 4+ chase/hurdle wins.
    YES – 16/17 17%+ chase/hurdle win strike rate.
    YES – 15/17 42+ chase/hurdle win place strike rate.
    YES – 16/17 top3 finish since 1st September.
    YES – 16/17 biggest £ chase win in last 9 chases.
    YES – 12/14 RPR>OR 6+, not snor.
    NO- – 8/9 15K chase win.