Royal Ascot 2017

Please add your tips and chat for Royal Ascot to this thread

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  1. marko says:

    I hope you did the placepot mike

  2. Mike N says:

    Nah marko still got 2 races to cock it up. ;)

    Not one of Ryan Moores best rides by the way was too far back.

  3. marko says:

    Good race though , i had 1st & 3rd in an exacta , i was hoping george didnt turn up today, close but no cigar

  4. marko says:

    another place Ronald R

  5. Mike N says:

    I got the draw wrong again. ;)

  6. Mike N says:

    Get in at last!

  7. marko says:

    WD Mike , ive yet another place :)

  8. Mike N says:

    Cheers marko. Turned out OK in the end. :)

    Wd on your places today.

  9. marko says:

    Cheer Mike i had a small combi treble up on the last 3 races in , Harbour , ronald ,drochaid £135 for 50pew i was sweating a bit ;)

  10. Jackie says:

    2nd and thirds, no good for me. Well done on your ews Mike and nice combi treble Marko!

    Day 4 to study for now!

  11. Mike N says:

    nice one marko

  12. Mike N says:

    Day 4 picks…

    2.30 Clemmie ew 4 places
    3.05 Crystal Ocean
    3.40 Harry Angel 5-1 ew AP
    5.00 Count Octave ew, without Belgravia and Time To Study.
    5.35 Sixties Groove ew 5 places

  13. Mike N says:

    Clemmie is a free bet.

  14. Jackie says:

    So, after a nearly day I’m hoping to improve ;)

    2.30 ew Armum and Different League.
    3.05 Best of days
    3.40 This is hard! I do like the way Blue point has won, BUT has Harry’s Angel now improved past him? And the fav, is he better than the other two? Questions, questions!! I may come down on the first 2 and leave the fav.
    4.20 Winter, my last main bet of the week, Orderofsaintgeorge was the other one :(
    5.00 Stradivarius
    5.35 Wadigor

    Good luck team :)

  15. marko says:

    Cheers Jackie & Mike good luck tomorrow

  16. Mike N says:

    I may as well say wd Jackie on the Winter win now. ;)

  17. marko says:

    My picks for tomorrow

    2.30 Ertiyad 16/1 (4pl) / Alpha centauri 9/4
    3.05 Permian 7/1 (4pl) / Crystal Ocean 5/2
    3.40 Blue Point 9/2 ew
    5.0 time to study 11/2 / Stradivarius 8/1 (4pl)
    5.35 Wadigor 13/2 / Appeared 13/2 / Star Storm 16/1 (6pl)

    good luck team

  18. Mike N says:

    I wish ITV would stop going on about goosebumps watching the Gold Cup.
    It was a good race but not a great one. The great ones are when class horses have ding ding battles all along the home straight.Dawn Approach and Toronado springs to mind. And Giants Causeway going further back.

  19. Mike N says:

    And for the 100th time they show Richard Hoiles getting excited. I didn’t think I’d miss channel 4 racing so much lol

  20. Mike N says:

    Wd Jackie

  21. Mike N says:

    Wd marko

  22. marko says:

    Get in perm, WD Jackie

  23. marko says:

    Cheers Mike

  24. Mike N says:

    Another 2nd. Wd marko

  25. marko says:

    Get in Strad , thats a nice double with Permian :)

  26. marko says:

    Cheers Mike , WD Jackie a good day for you :)

  27. Mike N says:

    Wd Jackie.

  28. Mike N says:

    Sixties Groove 5th I think.

  29. marko says:

    2nd & 3rd thats a win or a place in each race , its been a good hunting ground today :)

  30. Jackie says:


    I had Different League at 50/1 with BV last night @ 2.50 ew :D Hehe :D

    And Winter, what a fabulous filly. Then Stradivarius, what a great day! Thanks Marko and Mike; well done Marko, a good day too, Mike you had the ew :)

    That’s paid a very very noce chunk off a card today :)

  31. Jackie says:

    Hahaha, just found I put another £1 on at 50′s on 365 happy days :)

  32. Mike N says:

    Been a good week overall. And the team too by the look of it.

    Day 5 picks…

    2.30 September. Masar.
    3.05 Kidmenever ew 4 places
    3.40 Dartmouth. Idaho.
    4.20 Limato. The Tin Man ew 4 places.
    5.00 Projection ew, Birchwood ew. 6 places.
    5.35 Thomas Hobson. Qewy ew 4 places.

  33. Mike N says:

    Lost count on number of seconds I had this week must be a record. :)

  34. marko says:

    WD Jackie that’s brilliant , do you get the email from Betvic about their 1st race offer , money back if it loses , £5 stake?

  35. marko says:

    My picks for today

    2.30 Nyaleti 12/1 win (betvic)
    3.05 Khairaat 4/1 / Ayrad 14/1(5pl)
    3.40 Dartmouth 9/4
    4.20 Limato 5/2 / Aclaim 25/1 (5pl)
    5.0 Raucous 12/1 / Eastern Impact 14/1 (6pl)
    5.35 Vent de force 20/1 / Oriental Fox 11/1 (4pl)

    Good luck all

  36. Jackie says:

    Thanks guys :)

    Yes I did Marko, thanks.

    Fun day today for me, no big stakes
    2.30 Boring, but I’m going with September. Gold Time ew
    3.05 Restorer and Scarlet dragon ew
    3.40 Idaho Western Hymm ew
    4.20 Limato The right man ew
    5.00 Eastern Impact Buckstay G force all ews
    5.35 Thomas Hobson

    Good luck team. :D

  37. moari says:

    Any one fancy graham lees mount in the last,seems a massive price for a shirocco horse stepping up in trip even on the flat.His brother is only 9s?

  38. mike campo says:

    Well done Marko, Jackie & Mike yesterday and all over Ascot.
    Gosden’s foolish decision to re route Jack Hobbs from today’s 12F Hardwicke to last Wednesday’s 10F POW, slaughtered me financially. Spoke to their racing manager early last week and tried to persuade them to stick to 12F and highlighted the danger of a then possible wide draw at 10F and that JH didn’t have the pace to get a good early position nor the pace when it turns into a sprint off the last bend if too far back, but all fell on deaf ears. Resisted the temptation to phone them back with ‘I told you so’ !
    Was particularly annoyed that they had been adamant upto when I last phoned them 5 or 6 weeks ago,. that the Hardwicke was its target and feel deceived. Even when I phoned them last week they claimed no decision had been made but the Betfair market told a different story.
    As per my last post a while back, I have Limato at 5/1 EW but obviously lost the EW double with JH..
    Fingers crossed he’s fit enough after a long break.
    Good luck today team.

  39. marko says:

    Cheers Mike C , unlucky with your bet , JH would have made my treble with the 2 french horses for £400 return

  40. marko says:

    I was looking at that one Moari , it was impressive when it won , now 80s but 100/1 earlier

  41. Mike N says:

    Cheers Mike C.

  42. Jackie says:

    Thank you Mike C :)

  43. moari says:

    It was 80s when i backed it.Small e/w stake so just a fun bet really not going to lose much

  44. Mike N says:

    Get in September!

  45. Mike N says:

    Jason Weaver wrong again. ;)

  46. marko says:

    WD Jackie , placed again

  47. Jackie says:

    I was watching the replays all last night and she looked the best if producing the same today. WD Mike, and Marko for place. I have her in 10.00 double with Thomas Hobson, so fingers crossed :)

  48. Mike N says:

    Ditto Jackie.

  49. marko says:

    WD Mike

  50. marko says:

    WD Mike

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