New Threads

Hi all,

Unfortunately I don’t get a lot of time anymore to update the pages for this blog so if you want any new pages setting up please let me know on this page and I’ll try and check it as often as I can.

It might be easier if someone could email me at and let me know what is required and I’ll try and do it asap



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10 Responses to New Threads

  1. Kevski111 says:

    General racing and sports tips 2017 ?

  2. kj says:

    GN voting page every yr before christmas please :D

  3. kj says:

    we’d still like one for this yr…

  4. Lucky Vane says:

    A couple of Grand National related themes here.

    First the weights are to be televised :

    Secondly Brian Fletcher who rode Red Rum to victory in 73 & 74 as well as Red Alligator has died

  5. Showlad says:

    Hi Darren. OK:

    The famous GRAND NATIONAL VOTING page is needed urgently. Originally I set this up years ago as the Grand National Top 6 Tipsters League and it was dedicated to my and Lucky Vane’s Father’s :) :) It’s a bit of an institution on here and our Top 6 can gleam some gems for the rest of the team to view. LV, Team – we can take a view when to do 1st round – now or after weights – but Darren we need a thread first ;)

    Indeed KJ a 2017 general sporting tips page desperately needed.

    Also re GN a ‘Grand National 2017 – weights revealed’ thread is essential to carry over our GN tips via that thread once the weights known.

  6. daniel edwards says:

    In recent years I have looked for a horse with less than 7 points in our final table and backed that

    I’ve made a killing!

  7. admin says:


    I’ve set up four new threads now which should cover all the current requests for the time being.

    If you need anything else please drop me a mail.



  8. majorattraction says:

    HI Darren,

    Are we going to get a Grand National ‘The Final Furlong ‘ thread this year? Not sure when it was inaugurated last year, but it was very useful.

    Many thanks.

  9. Lucky Vane says:

    :0 ;0

  10. Lucky Vane says: