Irish Grand National 2018

Please add your thoughts, tips and trends for the Irish Grand National to this page.

The Irish Grand National takes places at Fairyhouse on Monday 2nd April.

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  1. daniel edwards says:

    I’d be keeping it simple here and going with Mal Dini and also General Principle, with Thunder and Roses well worth a place bet.

  2. mike campo says:

    I’ve gone with a small EW on Mall Dini, 4 places @ 10/1, also.

  3. Corbiere says:

    Did my initial assessment of stats/trends and came up with about 4/5 good picks and a few of them have been withdrawn, including Children’s List, think you’ve made a big mistake there Willy, liked him a lot as a big ew bet.

    But Monbeg Victorious stands out to me as the Trends Pick – Very confident, going in big (ish) !!!

    Folsom Blue
    Small ew candidate: Forever Gold

    Heard forecast for Heavy rain Sunday night, if that arrives it may end up Somme like conditions.
    No need to study anymore, very confident !!

  4. Seven Towers says:

    Going to mainly stick with the scoring system this year.

    At the moment I have

    Monbeg Notorious @ 14/1
    Arkwrisht @ 50/1
    Sutton Manor @ 40/1

    And will add a couple more no doubt. I do like Moulin and I actually think he is the best handicapped horse in the field but his jumping is just shocking. If I see some of the 24 fences are being omitted I may change my mind!

  5. JJ says:

    I’ve gone for Bellshill win and Moulin A Vent each-way.
    Share your concerns about his jumping Seven, but I’m clinging to the fact that his best came at Fairyhouse

  6. Mike N says:

    What’s interesting is that Flanagan has chosen Snow Falcon over Moulin.

  7. Seven Towers says:

    Yes, Snow Falcon shapes like a horse that has got a really big race in him. He is unusual for an Irish horse in that the vast majority of his runs have been on left handed tracks.

  8. Mike N says:

    Been right handed 10 times national hunt so pretty familiar.

  9. NTS says:

    Settled on my 3 two I had early and the other Monbeg recently given the weather
    Snow Falcon @ 36/1
    Monbeg Notorious @ 10/1
    Arkwrisht @ 60/1
    Fear (especially as Mullins wants to retain his trainers title) but not backed Bellshill but limited myself to 10% of field! Good luck to all on Monday, especially to those that have any of above.

  10. Jackie says:

    My 3 against the field are

    Jackstream Jack- Kemboy and Call it Magic. All ew. :)

  11. moari says:

    Some big prices being tipped on here,are we anticipating a lion na bernai or liberty counsel result?

  12. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Got Outlander 25/1 EW with Paddys quarter odds and 4 places.

    Will add Bellshill at 9/1 with William Hill (Win)

    and Call It Magic 40/1 EW with Boylesport, fifth of odds and 6 places.

  13. JJ says:

    7lb claimer will do Outlander no harm LV.

    Snow Falcon could be very dangerous if getting the trip, certainly has the form.

  14. Supersub says:

    Monbeg Notorious and Snow Falcon are the two for me.

    Good Luck all.

  15. Corbiere says:

    No the bookies have it covered, in my humble opinion.
    Backed Monbeg Victorious today WIN only . Very Confident
    Also backed Isleofhopeandreams – small ew

  16. super keno says:

    Just the 2 for me

    Monbeg Notorious

    Good luck everyone!

  17. PenguinKeeper says:

    on Thunder and Roses e/w

    Also small e/w on General Principle and Forever Gold.

    Good luck all.

  18. miinnehoma says:

    Not one for short prices so all outsiders – Paddy P. paying 6 places.
    Have to stick with wee Joseph, his wulf did me a turn but then Chelt robbed me.
    Arkwrisht, Thunder, Champagne, Fine Theatre.
    Already have a wee ew on the two 13 yr olds for the 2 Nationals – Bless & Raz.

  19. moari says:

    Happy with my two but will have to do forever gold now he’s in.

  20. Corbiere says:

    Funny you should say that I put Forever Gold up as 1 of my 5 a few days ago as my outsider to do a small ew.
    Got 50/1 and just gone in again at 40/1, it’s getting hammered into, down to 33/1 and 28/1 in places.
    Wondering if bookies get advance knowledge of Pricewise Tip ?

  21. miinnehoma says:

    Ben Linfoot from the Sporting Life gives FOREVER GOLD ew.

  22. Corbiere says:

    Miinnie still wouldn’t have thought that would be reason enough for it to get so heavily gambled on !

  23. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Pricewise tips for the race are Arkwrisht & Call It Magic. While it’s Ben Linfoot of Sporting Life Value Bet that picks Forever Gold.

  24. majorattraction says:

    my three against the field,
    General Principal
    Killaro boy
    Mall Dini
    all e/w good luck to all.

  25. Mike N says:

    Monbeg Notorious 14s, Bellshill 20s, Snow Falcon 22s 6 places each way the 3. Tempting to do more but will stick with 3.

  26. Corbiere says:

    Just checked oddschecker piles of horses turned pink, virtually all outsiders.

    Forever Gold still being hammered into across the board, now as low as 20/1. However Betfred & Hills still 40/1 only according to computer, probably get to shop and find that’s spherical objects that hang low.
    Seems a fair bit going on Killaro Boy as well.

  27. Pollyowls says:

    Stamina going to be at a premium in this, so going with horses I’m sure will stay..
    Monbeg Notorious @ 10s
    Isleofhopendreams @ 16s
    Arkwrisht @ 28s

  28. Corbiere says:

    Just been to bookies, Mall Dini getting heavily backed, now 8/1 fav.

  29. billymag says:

    This race should carry a cliff-horse warning with it, but despite the fact I’m a grown man and fully aware of my actions gone for:
    Mall dini
    Bless the wings
    Thunder and roses

    and Forever Gold which is not a cliff horse!!!

    Good luck to all

  30. Corbiere says:

    Expecting Somme like conditions today, you will need a proper stayer to get home.
    Predict no more than 10 finishers, plenty pulling up in home straight when beaten.

  31. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Added General Principal & Jetstream Jack to the 3 I’ve backed already for this.

  32. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Decided to add Mall Dini

  33. Corbiere says:

    Monbeg Notorious now getting hammered into on Oddschecker !

  34. Seven Towers says:

    So I have

    Monbeg Notorious @ 14/1
    Sutton Manor @ 40/1
    Arkwrisht @ 50/1


    Thunder And Roses @ 40/1 6 places
    Jetstream Jack @ 50/1 6 places

  35. Corbiere says:

    I have checked form and reviewed all I can, to decide on my picks.
    Before I decide whether to do a last minute bet can any of you “tuning” in who know about Pedigree please inform me of any of the horses Sires, Dam etc that they believe have the correct pedigree for a horse to win in Soft/Heavy over 3m 5f. please ?
    Thanking you in anticipation

  36. moari says:

    With regards to tell us more,I can’t work out why Gordon Elliott would enter him in last year’s Irish national (pulled out lame on the day of the race) and then campaign him all season exclusively in 2 miles races and then run him in the Irish national.My feeling is he wouldn’t have entered him if he didn’t think he had a chance of staying.He is bred to stay after all?

  37. JJ says:

    Added a couple more so I now have

    Bellshill win
    Monbeg Notorious win
    Moulin A Vent e/w
    Forever Gold e/w

  38. moari says:

    The one time he raced over 2.5 miles he was 2nd 2 lengths behind Sub lieutenant before he went on to finish 2nd in the Ryan air to un Deux seaux.

  39. marko says:

    my picks all 6 places & forecast

    Monbeg Not 10/1
    Arkwrist 28/1
    Westerner Point 50/1 (with you on this showlad i backed it at Aintree)
    Dounlkas 14/1

  40. moari says:

    Tell us more silly odds what’s to lose a kind regards on 150/1? £2?

  41. moari says:

    God knows what that was .corrective text,but at 150/1?

  42. Seven Towers says:

    Anyone noticed that Westerner has produced two winners already today in this bottomless ground?

  43. sling-shot03 says:

    Moari agree with everything you have said and I am thinking the same myself and I am on.Doubled it up with I just know in the Grand National.7 Towers i have noticed that and glad because I am on it :)

  44. Mike N says:

    Trainer said Tell Us More may prefer small fields but will give it a go. Didn’t say anything about the trip.

  45. Mike N says:

    ST has backed a Denis O Regan horse. Wonder if he knows. ;)

  46. Systemsman says:

    Having had a quick look at the IN card i make these the three against the field based on adjusted RPRs for their last race (if we were to look two races back others would come into the equation).

    Mall Dini 177
    Folsom Blue 175
    Monbeg Notorious 170

    Next best probably (but not spent much time on this):
    Squouateur 173

  47. moari says:

    In my local at the moment and unfortunately everyone including my missus is on tell us more.Dont think I can show my face next weekend

  48. sling-shot03 says:

    Tell us more is a big ask but has only ever run 3 miles once before and he won it.His form has been very disappointing lately but how many times have we seen a horse tried at different trip and win.Heavy ground Doesn’t seem to be a problem neither and you can get 200/1

  49. sling-shot03 says:

    Moari you will be a hero if he does win or even places :)

  50. Corbiere says:

    Well I have my 5 from over a week ago and still havn’t faltered
    Monbeg Notorious (Nap) Win & ew 2 bets
    Isleofhopendreams – ew @ 14/1
    Forever Gold – ew @ 50/1
    Bellshill – Win only @ 12/1
    Folsom Blue – Win only @ 11/1
    Good Luck all

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