General Sports and Horseracing Tips Jan 2017

Please add any tips and chat that are not Grand National or Cheltenham related to this page

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  1. marko says:

    WD Mike enjoy it while it lasts :)

  2. Mike N says:

    cheers marko

  3. Mike N says:

    Derby day picks…

    2.00 Tartini ew
    2.35 Laugh Aloud
    3.10 Folkswood ew
    3.45 Boom The Groom ew 5 places
    4.30 Cracksman 8-1 ew AP, Eminent 12-1 ew AP.
    Free bet on Cliffs Of Moher win only.
    5.15 Gawdawpalin ew

  4. marko says:

    my picks for today in singles & doubles

    3.45 Caspian Prince 18/1 / Duke of firenze 9/1 (6pl)
    4.30 cliff of moher 5/1/ Cracksman 9/2

    good luck all

  5. Mike N says:

    get in Aloud!

  6. kj says:

    Yep nice, my other virtuo pick was 4th… would back Frankie later too as I know nothing except he defies gravity ;) and would have to back an O’Brien horse, unimaginative I know. Seems to be all Gosden/O’Brien so I’d imagine one of their big priced horses could be worth a biscuit ..maybe?

    So hey gang! looks as sunny as France there today! just tuned in to watch a race (may not be here for the derby) but found ‘Viewabroad’ service has turned into a dubious quality subscription service or a 1min50 snippet! ey gods! anyone know of another service? or will it have to be paying for a proxy finally.

  7. Mike N says:

    try googling Racing Uk kj and find a stream maybe.

  8. kj says:

    Going for Ballet in this one.
    RUK still free in uk right?

  9. Mike N says:

    its not free on the tv.

  10. kj says:

    haha, saw about 2 finishing seconds of that with my current system,
    playing for fun I liked 3, first 2 were 1st and 2nd (I’ve backed Gabrial before) and my 1 pick was last! lol.

  11. moreen says:

    I’ve just added Khalidi to my other bets, tempted by Corals going first 4. Really looking forward to this years Derby and hoping it won’t be an Aidan O’Brien procession. Unless his daughter wins at huge odds cause I’ve backed that one also [how two faced am I?]….

  12. Mike N says:

    who you on in the Derby apart from Khalidi moreen?

  13. kj says:

    Currently laptop reliant Mike,.. no fun in this new 1min 50 teaser, so I think I’ll be off, good luck in the big one, I’ll stick with Frankie and the Frankel as my one pick so avoid it ;) remembering the Golden journey a couple of yrs ago…. Might see race later somehow!… looks like it won’t be on ATR later.. you tube only easy answer maybe…. everything is becoming most unpleasant regarding access and ads and worse quality! The internet has alot to answer for doesn’t it! Signed up to the wrong provider out here, had no tv for a month again!

  14. Mike N says:

    now you moved to France youre gonna have to cough up to watch the races kj. Price you have to pay for moving to a warm climate and drinking lots of wine. ;)

  15. Mike N says:

    Boom being backed I see. Was 12s last night.

  16. kj says:

    and those are the only 2 benefits!.. other than living in a palace :D of and the bread n cakes sorry.
    We get taxed twice, its as expensive as Sweden and all their social extras! though we didn’t chose to go there cause its so bloody cold and dark!

  17. Mike N says:

    wd marko. you bagged one. :)

  18. kj says:

    OOh! Dark Shot…. well done Marko.

  19. marko says:

    Cheers Mike and 25/1 is a bonus, i have a couple of tasty doubles going in the derby, WD on laugh aloud :)

  20. marko says:

    Cheers KJ :)

  21. marko says:

    Using my free skybet from the 1st race on Dubai Thunder 20/1 ew 5pl

  22. Mike N says:

    .ta marko

  23. kj says:

    But which one would you back in the dash next yr!?
    yes I’ve gone knowhere…. clouds have closed in! (shocker)

  24. Mike N says:

    dunno kj, and I don’t care particularly as I don’t usually get the winner of that race. ;)

  25. Jackie says:

    Hi team :)

    Hope everyone’s well :D

    my 3 are

    Eminent, Permain and Venice beach.

    Good luck all :)

  26. kj says:

    like your 3 Jacks!… Eminent looks much more complete article out of the Frankels.

  27. Mike N says:

    woah a shocker result. I had the 1-2-3 until that thing came past.

  28. kj says:

    whoah I was going to say my first thought was Wings! so was glad to see him right out the back lol ;) and 40-1!

  29. Jackie says:


  30. kj says:

    he was last by quite a few lengths at the start if they don’t show it, wonder what price in running that was!

  31. Jackie says:

    It is so very nice to see a young unknown jockey so happy about winning :)

  32. marko says:

    That was painfull to watch i thought i had it

  33. kj says:

    so much value in some of these forgotten 3rd string horses sometimes/ wish I’d had a bet on a whim and a name there!

  34. Mike N says:

    I would be interested in seeing what Cracksman did going forward. Frankie had to ride him handy in case the O Brien horses boxed him in so had to follow the pace, Did well to still nearly win.

  35. Mike N says:

    *does going forward

  36. kj says:

    2nd and 3rd ran better than I thought they would looking at them and the jockeys really got the best out of them.
    Its actually raining here!!!… I was right to take the bet of staying in ;)

  37. kj says:

    …its pouring… my other half went out and is stuck having degustation in a wine shop without a brolly… oh dear what a shame ;)

  38. moreen says:

    Mike; just about every outsider except the one that bloomin’ won….grrrr [I opened my Coral account purely to back long priced outsiders such as that one!!]…..

  39. Mike N says:


  40. Mike N says:

    Laugh Aloud was my banker today so it was an ok day. And at least Cracksman placed.

  41. kj says:

    Thats a shame Mo, it was the name that leapt out being a wings and eagles fan… I mean birds as in feathers, not the bands ;) plus the outsider of a mega stable value is the right suggestion sometimes.
    Still raining here but eased up….many clouds… sob… was nice to hear he won horse of the yr, his death has killed me, some horses you just love to pieces.
    The streets will be completely empty, not just cause the streets are paved in slippy marble! … and I ‘the crazy english’ will go out with umbrella and enjoy the heat relief! hopefully bag some wine before they shut in 10mins ;) eek… happy hunting or should I say traffic dodging in flat season ;)

  42. Mike N says:

    Having seen both classics I’ve gone Enable 12-1 ew for the Arc. The weight for age will be handy and she looks an improver.

  43. marko says:

    One for the french derby

    3.15Ch Soleil Marin 12/1 ew (4pl)

  44. Mike N says:

    I’ll take you on marko with Rivet w/o the favourite. ;)

  45. Mike N says:

    shudve stuck with the favourite

  46. Kevski111 says:

    Gone for Strollawaynow hoping that PTP spins have given an edge Newton Abbot 3.40. Tomorrow a big day for me, the same trainer has Top Of The Morning entered, would you believe I have been waiting 2 years for this one to make it’s racecourse debut!

  47. kj says:

    Still got a link to other sports,. just saw an excellent tennis tiebreak…. more important news is I like Stans shirt! wearing my fav 70s combination, kind of a royal blue next to sunny yellow.
    I see TM is off to see the Queen at the palace in full on MT blue, no shame! what is it with these Tory women!! hear she had a bit of a car crash time, still won’t leave, hope the Queen decides shes got a bigger minority and gives Thersea a good dressing down! Quite suprised my area in London changed colours for the first time I can remember from Tory to Labour, having lived there for nearly 20yrs. What will happen with Brexit can we not have a second referendum now everyone is more informed!?? Good day all.

  48. kj says:

    oh I spoke too soon, was watching tennis and posting slowly…
    they have found back up from Ireland! full steam ahead then I assume.

  49. kj says:

    forming a ‘government of certainty’ so ignoring the huge vote of no confidence esp in brexit amongst other things. Shes going to hold onto power like a terrier isn’t she, really is a mirror reflection TM/ MT

  50. kj says:

    watching Andy Murray (or any other ‘Brit’) is pretty similar to watching an election, however late you leave it, its always pretty much the same stuff ;) might watch Nadal later, see what thats like now…