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  1. marko says:

    Damn 2nd & 3rd

  2. Mike N says:

    might not be a damn if they reverse it ;)

  3. Seven Towers says:

    Think you may have this. Whip in wrong hand

  4. marko says:

    hopefully better luck at Chelts next week

  5. Seven Towers says:

    Quite surprised at that. When you are top weight and any momentum is stopped it is much harder toto getting going again. They didn’t seem to take that into account.

  6. Seven Towers says:

    to get*

  7. Seven Towers says:

    + £83.13 following Elusive Theatre (with R4)
    + £88.13 following Somchine

  8. Seven Towers says:


    4:10 Skipthecuddles @ 14/1
    4:40 Pennywell @ 15/2

  9. sling-shot03 says:

    My bets tomorrow.
    1.30.Kalashnikov 7/1 ew
    Somerville boy 10/1 ew
    2.30.Saint Calvados 5/1 ew
    2.50.Coo Star Sivola 9/1 ew
    Gold present 8/1ew
    3.30.Buveur DAir 11/10 Elgin 20/1 ew Best each way bet of the day in my opinion has been supplemented and elite racing speaking very highly of him at the moment ground will not be a problem.
    4.10. Apples Jade 11/10 La Bague Au Roi 8/1 ew
    4.50.Jury Duty 8/1 ew Reigning Supeme 33/1 ew
    5.30.De Plotting Shed 8/1ew Demi Sang 20/1ew

    Good luck everyone especially if you have the same bets as me ;)

  10. Systemsman says:

    My selections for tomorrow are posted under the Cheltenham thred. My Nap is Apples Jade – no surprise there. Dutch Dutch Footpad (11/10) and Saint Calvados (11/4).in the 2.30 is also a very good bet and should give you a free bet on Apples Jade.

  11. Seven Towers says:

    Throw a few £1 e/w acorns at Cheltenham today

    2:50 Bastien @ 66/1, Fix Le Kap 16/1 (7 places) and C’est Jersey @ 33/1 (6 places)
    4:50 Mitchouka @ 10/1, Nubre Negra 12/1, Eragon De Chanay @ 12/1 and Solo Saxophone @ 33/1 (5 places)
    5:30 Didtheyleaveuoutto @ 16/1 (5places)

    I don’t think Gifford even realises how good his bumper horse really is.

    £16 staked.

    + £68.13

  12. Seven Towers says:

    + £72.13

    1:30 Shattered Love @ 6/1
    2:10 Sort It Out @ 9/1
    3:30 Penhill @ 14/1
    4:10 Traffic Fluide @ 28/1
    5:30 Band Of Blood @ 11/1 and Final Nudge @ 14/1

    + £60.13

  13. Seven Towers says:

    + £89.13

    I just can’t seem to break the £100 barrier!

  14. Seven Towers says:

    11:30 Urban Kode @ 6/1
    2:10 Whiskey Sour @ 14/1
    2:50 Santini @ 4/1
    4:50 Flawless Escape @ 7/1

    + £81.13

  15. Seven Towers says:

    Cashed out Whiskey Sour (may have judged this wrong) but think the best of the Irish could be

    Lagostovegas @ 20/1
    Sansend @ 14/1

    + £79.13

  16. Seven Towers says:

    Added Dortmund Park @ 16/1. My view of this race is that Fabulous Saga could try and make this brutal and may need a patient jockey to pick up the pieces late on. That would be Russell.

    + £77.13

  17. Showlad says:

    With the Gold Cup winner crowned Round 4 of The Grand National Vote 2018 is now open and will close on Sunday 25th March at midnight :) :) :) :)

  18. sling-shot03 says:

    Midlands Grand National. West of The Edge 12/1 ew hope it goes ahead.Good luck.

  19. Seven Towers says:

    + £85.13

    Was interested in Back To The Thatch for the Eider but luckily passed him over but my interest lay with his pedigree. He really is a very close relation to Papillon and he was travelling well when he came down. Price has collapsed and I’ve missed the juicy numbers but will throw some money at him and an acorn too.

    Back To The Thatch @ 6/1

    + £83.13

    Quite like The Artful Cobler @ 10/1, on paper at least he seems to have the beating of West Of The Edge through a form line with Talk Of The South. The stallion has a poor record over four miles however.

    Alfie Spinner @ 16/1 looks quite good value for a place as does Billy Bronco @ 40/1.

    For better or for worse I am steering clear of horses over 11st.

  20. baggy352 says:

    1.30 Kempton Sao
    2.40 Kempton Arthur’s gift
    3.45 uttoxeter the artful cobbler
    England to beat Ireland with a 6.5 point handicap 8/1 with betway

  21. Mike N says:

    3.35U I reckon one of the Henry Daly horses will win so will go with them.

  22. marko says:

    My picks

    2.40K Zubayr 9/1 / Grasston 15/2
    3.0U Applesperries 13/2 (4pl)
    3.35U The artful cobbler 8/1 (5pl)

  23. Kevski111 says:

    Looks like Silsol has been laid out for this, I’m on.

  24. Systemsman says:

    Just for fun. works sometimes but not always.
    3.35 Uttoxeter – Midlnad National.

    Weight adjusted RPR’s – too many to post up so i will just post the top few – all others less good.

    1. Alfie Spinner 0 / 157 / 166. Best TS this season 123
    1 .West Of The Edge 135 / 80 / 141 / 162. Best TS 92
    1. Western Climate 0 / 156 / 151 / 158. Best TS 153

    4. Milansbar 145 / 157 / 0 / 168 / 133. Best TS 93
    4. Get On The Yager 126 / 151 / 164 / 147. Best TS 102

    Next Best:
    Regal Flow 126 / 143 / 150 155. Best TS 119
    Benbens 139 / 155 / 163 /145. Best TS 102

  25. Seven Towers says:

    3:00 Uttoxeter

    Du Soleil @ 11/1

    + £81.13

  26. Seven Towers says:

    Made the mistake of turning ITV on to watch this 2:25. Mark Johnston is a God awful commentator. Started talking about errant golf balls halfway through the race. What is that all about?

  27. Mike N says:

    From my point of view I’m loving a Hoiles free day. ;)

  28. kj says:

    Bit of a walk in the park, it was around the golf course after the farmers old pond fence there I thought Mon Mome was looking good first circuit and nicely easing off last round though ;)

    Weight and breeding influencing my final choices for MN,
    Artful was my first thought, but lets take bottom weight on…maybe he can see it out on 10-3, trainer form etc, is grand sire Cadoudal not a sire who sent out quite a few at distance but actually all failed, Seven?…
    Silsol top weight and targeted here effectively as scratched from GN but top weight but I can’t see it, similar for Yager as in lots of weight, but grand sire is Sadlers Wells! could run accordingly. Only yesterday I was wondering about Synchronised nibble marks on the Gold Cup, now I’m thinking he’d beat them all up ;) won with 11-5 here, then 3rd with 11-12.I just looked dam side Yager has Secretariat heart gene! so hard not to pick him even if he has no idea how far he has to run.
    As usual the mix of knowns and unknowns here. No.1 reliable pick has to be Alfie for me.
    Was wondering about old Bob, as he was looking pretty good last time before a sommersault, but Alfie has the better credentials. Bob I think could run a big race but have to wonder if its here, 10-12 is not too helpful and does he really like distance? lots of PUs over 3m5, really needs it slow but seems shorter, wheres he gonna go, doesn’t look keen on the course, will leave it.
    West of the Edge I really liked the look of last time, but Westerner not a 4miler… well they are mostly all top of the market last time i looked, value has to be Alfie the old ;) with 5lb off .
    I’ll tip 3 though for fun…Alfie, West of the Edge and I was going to say Thatch, but I’m going to back the genes and not another Westerner and take Yager.
    Good luck team!

  29. Mike N says:

    Why is Andrew Tinker not taking his time.

  30. kj says:

    Right Regal win… is it a sign! Milansbar was great didn’t look like a non stayer.

  31. Kevski111 says:

    Got my place with silsol against all the trends.

  32. Mike N says:

    Slow horses kj. Milansbar wouldn’t keep up on nice ground.

  33. kj says:

    Still he was there plodding away, nothing had a crack at the winner. Great weighted performance from Silsol. I drew a blank which is unusual. OK Alfie was thereabouts the whole way maybe 5th behind Silsol in end. Thought Bronco and Yager were coming but the pack couldn’t do anything in conditions, bit like the Gold Cup ;)

  34. Mike N says:

    The winner ran 5 days ago as well.

  35. Systemsman says:

    Regal Flow 126 / 143 / 150 155. Best TS 119

    Was fourth best last time out on weight adjusted RPR’s and 6th in my list – perhaps i should have given ore weight to last time out but it was a big field.

    Milansbar – good effort – he so loves the heavy which he wont get in the GN most likely. Has an adjusted RPR of 166 so far OK (but 170 or more would be better) since April 1st. Best TS so far this season is 93 (needs 97) and best career TS is 116 – too slow (needs 128). So it all depends on today’s new ratings. On heavy you would probably want him in your list but does he have the speed for the finish? I am looking for a TS of 128 or more for today (if we get a rating at all).

  36. kj says:

    I didn’t even look at him… another 11yr old having a reasonable twilight career out winning these long distance races. Confused was he carrying 10-12 with jockeys 5lb? 11-3 already including the 6ex for that win.

  37. moreen says:

    I always assume that the weight on the racecard is without the claim taken off. Even when it takes the weight to under 10 stone as well??

  38. Mike N says:

    The Lincoln on Saturday…

    Addeybb ew 8-1

  39. Seven Towers says:

    Tomorrow’s acorns

    2:20 Steel Express @ 25/1
    3:50 Doc Carver @ 6/1
    4:20 Buffalo Ballet @ 8/1

    + £75.13

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