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  1. kj says:

    I thought I remembered that Seven ;)
    Kalashnikov really looks the sum of his parts, lovely neck.

  2. Seven Towers says:

    That is a serious racehorse. Only five years old and to demolish a field like that on ground not ideal. Wow. Just wow.

  3. Seven Towers says:

    Visually he looks ideal for Aintree.

  4. kj says:

    Yes, quite! #alwaysdreamingofaintree ;) (that does not exist as a # by the way!?)
    He looks well developed, he’s no Saint Are type waiting to grow type is he, muscular neck! and the way he uses it, lovely all over motion. Kalanisi /Old Vic, other x factor gene too, hope he is tough in that he is one we can watch for years.

  5. Seven Towers says:

    Just a 12/1 place for my ‘acorn’ fund to end with.

    Stays at.

    + £30.05

  6. kj says:

    Aren’t even mighty oaks in danger!
    I think its true to say that imported pests n disease are going to leave UK with just maples! thats it! extraordinary.
    I saw Grand designs recently and they wanted to use larch, supply wood thats being mass felled because of incoming disease, they ended up importing cause it was ‘much cheaper’!?!! probably bought over more disease right there…bizarre state of affairs. Nothing compared to France tho!

  7. Seven Towers says:

    4:20 Punchestown

    Teacher’s Pet £1 e/w 5 places

  8. Lescargot says:

    Well done ST I followed you in and had 5ew on Kalashnikov it saved my bet on the race.

  9. Lescargot says:

    Whats your assessment of his chances in the supreme?

  10. Seven Towers says:

    I think he will be seen to his best on a flatter track but if you really want to know what I would do with him, I would supplement him for the Champion and let Samcro and Getabird do what they want to do in the novice races. That won’t happen though.

    I’m more confident about Aintree if Im honest but he has got to go and I am on.

  11. Seven Towers says:

    Had a second £1 e/w in the National Trial on

    Space Cadet @ 16/1 5 places

  12. Seven Towers says:

    Hadn’t noticed myself but my big bro pointed out to me that yesterday 4 horses ran across the UK where the jockey had a 100% record riding that particular horse (where they had ridden the horse more than once). All four won.

    Woolstone One – Gavin Sheehan 4/4
    St Calvados – Aidan Coleman 3/3
    Altior – Nico De Boinville 10/10
    The Dubai Way – Harry Bannister 4/4

  13. Mike N says:

    4.20 Folsom Blue ew

  14. Corbiere says:

    No major fancy in Grand National Trial at Punchestown so gone for these 3 for interest only.
    Baie Des Iles £2 win at 10/1
    Wounded Warrior £2 win at 12/1
    Out Sam £1 win at 12/1

  15. Showlad says:

    3.35 CLOUDY TOO @7/2
    PETE THE FEAT @19/2

    Happy Sunday all :) :)

  16. marko says:

    Afternoon All
    A few picks in ew multiples

    3.05E Present times 4/1
    3.35E Gent jon 9/1 / Pete the Fest 9/1
    4.20 Childrens List 6/1 / Thunder & Roses 14/1 ( 6 places )

  17. Mike N says:

    1.40 Auvergnat coverbet 3 places

  18. Mike N says:

    get in Auver!

  19. kj says:

    that would seem easy money! read only won shd, nice to see Josies coming back to form.
    Gilgamboa would seem almost certain to win here too.

  20. Mike N says:

    Easy money? He was 3rd/4th favourite. ;)

  21. kj says:

    Yeah!…looked at the card and I thought bang Auvergnat, bang Gilgamboa …who I hear won too, both only just to be fair Mike ;) I just watched the x country replay…hope to watch Gilgamboa on ATR when it lands.
    QUick look at the chase coming up soon, I would take Folsolm (who I’ve never backed) and Space Cadet as my 2.

  22. Mike N says:

    Get in Folsom! 2 our of 2. :D

  23. kj says:

    Pop pop pop! deja vu races here…. listened to last 2 races winner ‘fighting back’ wins

  24. kj says:

    Well done Mike I had a feeling it would be Folsolms, like I said, I never nominate him! twas a sign ;)

  25. Seven Towers says:

    Well done winners

    Acorn fund + £30.25

    I’m up 20p today. Get in!

  26. Mike N says:

    Cheers all

  27. Mike N says:

    Been given a freebie after that in the 7.10 Wolverhampton 2moro night which I think is all weather. Pin job. ;)

  28. kj says:

    Oh Space Cadet was 4th too.
    Anyone know about ATR? I was/am signed up but can’t watch races live anymore rubbish site pops up prerecorded prog if you click ‘watch race live’ these days. Hunter chase hasn’t come up on replays, no pre knowledge if can watch a certain race in replays… service utterly sucks! and only to become more ‘exclusive’ in a yrs time. Yours of the not allowed to watch for fun club! grrrr.
    Oh! GN trial pops up on replays off to watch, thanks for small gifts ATR ;)

  29. Mike N says:

    Kj if you have a mobile you can download the app and watch replays on there.

  30. kj says:

    Thanks M, I was really after live racing, not quite the same waiting to see if you are bestowed a replay ;)
    Looked like a proper Old Vic today Folsom, both in style and looks,.. looked very Vics Canvas, maybe its the cheek pieces. Coulda won some money today with some planning, well done if you did.

  31. Seven Towers says:

    If it’s on

    £1 e/w on


    Gran Maestro @ 10/3


    Boric @ 9/2

  32. Mike N says:

    My free bet tomorrow in the 7.10 at Wolverhampton is a class 6 hcap on Tapeta.
    Might need some serious study. Lol

  33. Mike N says:

    7.10W Barnsdale 5-1 ew

  34. Mike N says:

    Grand National trial….

    Wild West Wind 12-1 ew 4 places

    I don’t think anyone is surprised i’m on again. ;)

  35. Seven Towers says:

    Have to stick my dwindling acorns on the All Weather today. Terrible state of affairs.

    2:20 Southwell

    French Mix 10/1
    Picture Painter 8/1

    Both £1 e/w

    + £24.38

  36. Seven Towers says:

    Not part of my acorn fund, but I have had a cheeky bit on Alfie Spinner at 20/1 just in case she puts up Patrick on top again.

  37. Seven Towers says:

    B*gger. Place again.It’s coming down, slowly but surely.

    + £27.38

  38. Seven Towers says:

    3:30 Titus Bolt 7/1


    + £25.38

  39. Seven Towers says:


    Ange Des Malbreaux @ 12/1
    Berkshire Downs @ 10/1

    £1 e/w

    + £21.38

  40. Seven Towers says:


    + £25.38

  41. Seven Towers says:

    3:35 Kelso

    Mac N Cheese @ 10/1
    Rowdy Rocher @ 16/1

    + £21.38

  42. Seven Towers says:

    Boooooooooom! Tasty price last night.

    + £35.88

  43. Seven Towers says:

    1:20 Sandown

    Balibour @ 9/1

    £1 e/w

    + £33.88

  44. Seven Towers says:

    Great at places me.

    + £37.13

  45. Seven Towers says:

    1:40 Fakenham

    Hollywood All Star @ 5/1

    + £35.13

  46. Seven Towers says:

    Perhaps I should just play the TBP market. 2nd again.

    + £37.13

  47. Mike N says:

    Just the 1 tomorrow.

    3.15H Wild West Wind 12-1 ew 4 places AP

  48. Seven Towers says:

    Blimey where did you get four places? There were only 15 at the decs stage.

  49. mike campo says:

    Wild West Wind @ 16/1 EW, 4 places AP
    Seven, I posted to Mike a couple of weeks ago on the GN thread that Paddy Power were going 16/1 for this.
    Mike, Don’t you have a Paddy Power account ?

  50. Mike N says:

    my bet was with bet365 and happy with what I got. I wasn’t interested in the race until last weekend and 4 places then and 12s the best price.

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