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  1. Mike N says:

    having said all that Evan Williams said in his stable tour that unless the ground was decent on Saturday he wouldn’t run in which case it may be back to the drawing board for me.

  2. Seven Towers says:

    The 5lbs claimer would be the worry. Since Bastyan had that excellent double at Chepstow earlier in the season he has hardly ridden a winner. He looks to be very low in confidence at the moment. No winner for the best part of two months. I’ve been keeping an eye on him and I just don’t know what has happened. Whether the rise and rise of Bowen has stolen his thunder somewhat I don’t know but he is not a happy jockey at the moment. He’s has hit the deck a fair few times too. Needs a winner that’s for sure.

  3. Mike N says:

    Have had a rethink looking at the weather forecast gut feeling is it wont be spring like, so I am no longer on Silver Streak and have switched to Irish Roe 11-1. Looks well handicapped also and would be ok on softish ground I would imagine. Would be quite a story as read somewhere trainer is very small time.

  4. Lescargot says:

    M N I didn’t spot the claimer just go to show you a little knowledge is a dangerous thing!

  5. Lescargot says:

    She has good form against Maria’s benefit.

  6. Mike N says:

    I’ll be on 1 more on the day I would think.

  7. Seven Towers says:


  8. Seven Towers says:

    Get in Towering! 22/1!

  9. Seven Towers says:

    2:40 Ludlow

    Going to reinvest some of my acorns

    £1 e/w on (!)

    Saint Ladylime @ 8/1
    Molly Childers @ 7/1

  10. Seven Towers says:

    I see Frankel has his second horse going over timber in the first at Fairyhouse today. Frankel’s progeny has a 100% record under National Hunt rules thus far! 14/1 too.

  11. Seven Towers says:

    Gonna have 50p each way!

  12. Seven Towers says:

    Get in! What is going on?!

  13. Seven Towers says:

    From my initial outlay of £4 yesterday and £1 today I am up by…….wait for it……

    + £32.80 !

  14. Seven Towers says:

    Tom Segal, I am coming for you.

  15. Seven Towers says:

    2:50 Huntingdon

    Red Indian @ 7/2 £1 e/w
    Viserion @ 25/1 £0.50 e/w

    + £29.80

  16. Seven Towers says:

    £1 e/w Red Indian @ 2/1 at 2:55 Towcester if he runs there instead.

  17. moreen says:

    There was a huge punt on that Frankel horse; I went onto oddschecker to back another horse but put money on that one at 11/1 as it was blue across the board; think it won at 9/2?

  18. Seven Towers says:

    Yep 14/1 40 mins before the off mo. Frankel still maintains his 100% record. What price he produces a National winner?!

  19. moreen says:

    Seven; what are the sires that are worth noting at the moment [especially for Cheltenham?] There are so many new ones eg Stowaway taking over from the older lot. I don’t recognise half of them!

  20. Seven Towers says:

    Yes, Stowaway is proving very popular as is Getaway. Amount of bumper horses of the latter’s that have appeared on the scene recently is remarkable. But the one that has burgeoned from nowhere is Black Sam Bellamy. The Giant Bolster was his flag bearer for a long time and it seems to have paid off. Black Sam Bellamy has surprised me because although he is a full brother to Galileo and was a G1 winner, he wasn’t prolific by any stretch. Sam Spinner is definitely carrying the flag for him at the Festival.

    Great Pretender from France is another who will have a few representing him at the Festival too. He won on the level and over hurdles during his own racing career.

  21. Seven Towers says:

    Normal midweek service resumed!

    + £31.30

  22. Seven Towers says:

    Make that

    + £30.30

  23. moreen says:

    Thanks Seven.

  24. Seven Towers says:

    1:20 Kempton

    Templier @ 13/2 £1 e/w
    Le Capriceux @ 11/1 £1 e/w

  25. marko says:

    Tomorrows betfair hurdle

    Kayf Grace 12/1 ( 6places )

  26. Seven Towers says:

    Thought Templier was coming to win that. Oh well. Place will have to do.

    + £30.05

  27. marko says:

    Rest of my picks tomorrow

    1,50Nb Lough Derg farmer 5/1
    3.15W Kylemore Lough 3/1 ( 3places )
    3.35 Nb Kayf Grace 12/1 & Moon Racer 25/1 ( 6 places )

    Out all day tomorrow so good luck all

  28. Mike N says:

    According to BHA website Fountains Windfall is dead :(

  29. marko says:

    Looks like you’re right Mike he’s disappearing of oddschecker, how sad !!

  30. Pollyowls says:

    Anthony Honeyball has confirmed to RP website…

    “I was just giving him a canter and a school over a few poles and obstacles in preparation for Warwick.
    “He either had a momentary lapse of concentration and fell funny or it’s possible he had a heart attack or a seizure. Whatever the reason he ended up flat on the ground.
    “It was a totally freak incident. I can’t believe it.”

  31. Systemsman says:

    Saturday 3.15 Warwick.

    Cogry last, last chance to get in the GN – he needs to win.

    My own RPR figures.
    Three against the field.
    Templehills 0 / 154 / 0 / 136 / 0 / 0 / 149
    Cogry 148 / 135 /136 / 0 / 156 / 0
    Kylemore Lough 161 / 119 / 151 / 0 / 145

    next best:
    Value At Risk 125 / 127 / 154 / 112 / 165 (hurdle)

    On Cogry’s last finished race he has a chance over a distance shorter than ideal but he’s up against it. Its all all nothing tomorrow.

  32. Showlad says:

    2.05 LAMANVER ODYSSEY @9/1
    2.10 WISHMOOR

    Good Luck all :D Well done mid-week 7T;)

  33. Seven Towers says:

    Cheers Showlad. Good luck today.

    From my little acorns I will have

    £1 each way on

    Truckers Highway @ 16/1
    Pembroke House @ 12/1

    in the 4:45 at Uttoxeter.

    May add another to my Betfair Four but will see what the market does.

  34. Mike N says:

    Betfair hurdle 2 ew I’ve plumped for…

    Irish Roe 11-1 AP
    Lalor 14-1 5 places

  35. Mike N says:

    Had it sussed last year with Ballyandy but this year’s renewal is horrible. ;)

  36. Mike N says:

    2.25 Native River. Can hopefully grind it out.

  37. Seven Towers says:

    Yes, I have been faithful to trends with my selections. About the only race left where I have remained faithful to them. Could be a divorce later.

  38. kj says:

    D-I-V-O-R-C-E ;) never miss a chance for a sing song

    Hello team!…cold here, well it feels it, zero at night and struggling for double figures! its all relative (apparently 3mths of 30+ has made me soft ;) ) good racing upcoming! we hope :D

  39. kj says:

    Oh its filthy out there!

  40. Mike N says:

    get in Native!

  41. kj says:

    ‘we need a horse to be live.. alive’ that is a funny quote from Fitz

  42. Mike N says:

    ST you were saying there needs to be a horse to take on Footpad. Think we just saw it at Warwick. ;)

  43. Mike N says:

    *take on Footpad early

  44. kj says:

    Cameras too tight these days.
    Cogry to be fair to him staying on from absolutely nowhere 3rd.

  45. kj says:

    Not wanting to encourage you there Systemsman, I think you shoulda ‘let it lie’ already! ;) to add to the thoughts Cogry made a typical hash of a jump there, even though for the most part recently he seems to have got it together, just not good enough, maybe one for Ayr.

    Good luck here punters.

  46. Seven Towers says:

    GET IN

  47. Seven Towers says:

    I told you he would win a BIG one

  48. Seven Towers says:

    I told you all

  49. Mike N says:

    wd winners and placers

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