General horseracing and sport tips June 2017

Please add your general tips and comments etc to this thread.

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  1. Kevski111 says:

    Had a wild punt for tomorrow on a newcomer 2yr old, Tigershark 25/1 1st race Redcar.

  2. Mike N says:

    Today’s picks…

    1.50 Waady
    2.05 Eartha Kitt ew 4 places
    2.40 Persuasive ew
    3.00 Blue Point
    3.20 Darkanna ew 5 places
    3.35 Mjjack ew 5 places
    4.10 Eternally

  3. marko says:

    my picks for today

    2.40 Qemah 6/1 (4pl)
    3.35 Mjjack 10/1 (5pl)
    Ew double

    a small stake ew trixie
    2.40 Qemah 6/1
    3.35 Speculative bid 33/1
    2.25 Flying tiger 40/1

    good luck all

  4. Showlad says:

    Hello good friends :)

    Showlad’s tips for the 1.55

    HOW’S MY FRIEND (nap)

  5. Mike N says:

    been shocks as Ascot already, hope that don’t apply for Blue Point and Eternally later.

  6. Showlad says:

    3.05 Casper King @ 6/1 to close

  7. marko says:

    Hi Showlad hope you are well :)

    Its a tough day at the office today i’m hoping Mjjack can finally win for me after 2 seconds

  8. Mike N says:

    get in Blue!

  9. Mike N says:

    you aint had 2 seconds marko ;)

  10. marko says:

    I’ve had mjjack in is last 2 runs Mike

  11. Mike N says:

    oops apologies marko I thought you were talking about today’s picks. :)

  12. marko says:

    I wish ;)

  13. Mike N says:

    front runners holding sway at Ascot so far which bodes well for Mjjack

  14. marko says:

    Ive had the 2 magicals for a place double 12/1 & 9/1 so not too bad

  15. marko says:

    Combi exacta Mojito / mjjack/ burnt sugar/ raising sand

  16. marko says:

    WD with Blue Mike

  17. Mike N says:

    get in Darkanna!

  18. Mike N says:

    ta marko

    Mjjack 11-1 now a free bet

  19. marko says:

    Wd Mike ,,.

  20. Mike N says:

    cheers marko

  21. Jackie says:

    Afternoon all :)

    I’m adding Makzeem to this one :)

  22. Jackie says:

    Nice wins Mike ;)

  23. Mike N says:

    that cliifford lee ran out of puff more than the horse at the end lol

  24. Mike N says:

    hi Jackie and Ta

  25. Mike N says:

    Munster National Sunday. Arkwrisht 6-1 ew AP

  26. Seven Towers says:

    Munster National

    NET D’ECOSSE @ 28/1 bog
    ROCK ON FRUITY @ 10/1 bog


    5:20 ROMULUS DU DONJON @ 13/2 bog

  27. Kevski111 says:

    Yes Mike, Arkwrisht looks the one regarding trends, no bet for me though, good luck.

  28. Mike N says:

    cheers Kev.

    Now on at 7-1 ew 5 places b.o.g.

  29. Mike N says:

    fell. never mind.

  30. Kevski111 says:

    Fire Palace, very much of interest tonight, 7:55 Kempton. 8/1.

  31. Kevski111 says:

    Another slow start, becoming a habit!

  32. Mike N says:

    Had a look at the Cesarewich. John Constable looks thrown in to me.

  33. Kevski111 says:

    Billiebrookedit today 2nd race Nottingham.

  34. kj says:

    I see Feyonagh (however you spell it) made her hurdling debut, the balance and the speed of her little front legs! its like watching Michael Johnson run, she just floats…very low to the ground she is ;) but yeah she floats…

  35. Mike N says:

    A couple for tomorrow…

    2.25 Dark Rose Angel ew
    3.00 Limato 9-4 AP

  36. marko says:

    Could be anything at big prices

    2.25 Herecomesthesun 20/1 (4pl)
    3.35 Magic Lily 8/1 ew

  37. Mike N says:

    get in Limato!

  38. marko says:

    WD Mike , my picks for tomorrow in ew doubles

    3.15Y Mr Lupton 12/1 / golden Apollo 12/1 (5pl0
    3.40Nm Withold 12/1 / Swamp fox 14/1 (8pl)

    good luck all

  39. Mike N says:

    ..cheers marko

  40. Mike N says:

    Cesarewich picks…

    John Constable ew, Withhold ew. 6 places.

  41. Mike N says:

    3.15 Mr Lupton ew 5 places

  42. marko says:

    3.40Nm Added Snow Falcon 22/1 (7pl)

  43. Seven Towers says:

    My Cesarewich two are

    Shrewd @ 25/1 bog
    Frederic @ 80/1 bog


    Rosie McQueen 9/2
    Court Minstrel 11/1
    Relentless Dreamer 10/1
    Wade Harper 11/2

  44. Showlad says:

    Hello all. Marko hi went offline last week and then noticed your hi :) Hope life good :) :)

    Looking forward to spending more time with you all this Jumps season – what could be better with such a great bunch :0 ;)

    So to the quagmire of doubt that is the early jumps and pre-weights decs of the big races…

    Small stakes and hope we all fare well today.

  45. Showlad says:


  46. Showlad says:

    2.50 RED DANAHER

  47. Showlad says:

    3.25 GETAWAY BAY

  48. Showlad says:

    Bloody Nora 2nditis strikes already :) :)


  49. Jackie says:

    Hi team, back to our favourite time of year!

    3.40 London Prize and Time to Study ew.

    Whodareswins win :)

    Good luck team

  50. Jackie says:

    1-2-3-4 O’Brian :0

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