General horseracing and sport tips June 2017

Please add your general tips and comments etc to this thread.

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  1. Mike N says:

    Just a treble for me tomorrow.

    Mutakaayef, Marsha, Enable.

  2. marko says:

    My picks for today

    4.15Y Kylaang Rock 14/1 ew
    4.35Nm Limato 9/2

    ew double

    good luck all

  3. Mike N says:

    Added Barsanti/Carravagio double.

  4. kj says:

    In from the oven (not that its much cooler in my house) to watch what could be a good final at wimbledon I think, shame about the roof, it makes for a less comforting nostalgic sound. Oh no Tracey is commentating…. so many loud american voices down here in the south of france, amongst the softly spoken french it really stands out.

  5. kj says:

    they must of heard me… both Tracey and John seem to be whispering,.. maybe the americans here are the worst! seem to be always complaining about something loudly as you walk past, saying something ‘super’ american, have you noticed how most europeans now speak with a new york accent too? drives me mad here ;) funny how the local population have more of a dislike for the english imo… hmmm
    John and Tracey are really engaging and know their stuff lets not complain about them, thank god Annabelle Croft isn’t commentating ;) Who will win team?… both playing initially like they were swinging a golf club, now the nerves showing with Gabby and I think if she gets ahead the nerves will stop her winning, I think Venus has a massive chance of winning, at 37! never say never hey.

  6. kj says:

    Venus is looking a little fatigued at times maybe, certainly less aggressive looking than the last two rounds, illness and that recent car crash,… still Gabby has to convert if she gets to those important points and ultimately the finishing line!
    The court both green and bare at the same time, it never goes like the Borg days now does it, crisp and yellow all over, ah the 70s :D

  7. kj says:

    soon as I post that Venus gets loud and aggressive, key moment efforts vital for her especially.

  8. kj says:

    I think these longer rallies are telling on Venus sadly,. stating to wonder if it goes to 3 sets if she looses the first set. Changed my mind Gabby should win ;)

  9. mike campo says:

    Hi Marko
    Good luck with Limato.
    I’m heavily in EW at 5/1, 6/1 & 7/1 over the last couple of months, after only getting my money back for the place in the Queens Jubliee when on at 5/1 EW.
    Ryan Moore presumably told O’brien that he feels Caravaggio has his measure after riding Limato at Ascot (although I think Carvaggio will need to be a fair bit better than he’s shown on a racecourse so far), but that ride was after a 3 month break since coming back from injury so I’m expecting quite a lot of improvement today.
    Was a bit worried about all the rain around this week but fingers crossed for at least a place on fastish ground.

  10. kj says:

    Sad to see her fatigue from illness take over.. haven’t watched this set really, spaniard doesn’t have to find her spanish ummph! which is a shame really. Nadal was amazing the other day in defeat!

  11. kj says:

    well that wasn’t the way to win… they won’t be replaying that moment one thinks

  12. marko says:

    Thanks Mike WD on the place prices it just shows how difficult it is to win every race , there’s always a banana skin somewhere :)

  13. mike campo says:

    I was a little disappointed that he couldn’t win that but I suppose it was still a decent performance.
    Perhaps Harry Angel is improving fast and is a top class sprinter now.

  14. marko says:

    I dont believe that , i always back caspian prince , i never looked at the curragh with all the race meetings today

  15. Mike N says:

    Nice and smooth for my 12-1 Arc selection there.
    Can’t see her going for King George so taken the 6-4 Highland Reel could see him odds on on the day.

  16. mike campo says:

    Hi Mike
    I haven’t given up on Jack Hobbs yet and have backed him for both the King George & the Arc.
    He’s very big prices due to losing over an inadequate 10F from a poor draw at Ascot after a three month lay off and getting a poor ride into and from a poor position. Should have stuck to 12F in the G2 Hardwicke rather than the 10F POW but Gosden thinks he knows best.
    Softer ground would also help.

  17. Mike N says:

    Jack Hobbs is definitely your cliff horse Mike C ;)

    I don’t think he will beat Highland Reel on summer ground so all being well from my point of view it stays dry.

  18. Showlad says:

    Afternoon dear friends :) :)

    2 tips for the day from your Showlad


    4.10 TANGOLAN

  19. Mike N says:

    For the Open I’m going for Jordan Speith 16s and
    Ricky Fowler 16s. Each way 8 places.

  20. marko says:

    Thrown a few crumbs on Jimmy Walker 175/1 10 places

  21. Kevski111 says:

    Stardrifter in the last at Hamilton.

  22. mike campo says:

    Hi Mike.
    Jack Hobbs, my Cliff horse, is dead right !
    Though Summer ground ( ie G/F ) isn’t as guaranteed as one might think. Here are the last 11 years since the new course was laid. King George V1 & Queen Elizabeth stakes :

    2006 Hurricane Run G/F conditions 6 runners 5/2F
    2007 Dylan Thomas G/Soft 7 5/6F
    2008 Duke Of Marmalade G/F 8 4/6F
    2009 Conduit Good 9 13/8F
    2010 Harbinger Good 6 4/1 2nd Fav
    2011 Nathaniel G/Soft 5 11/2 4th Fav
    2012 DaneDream G/Soft 10 9/1 5th fav
    2013 Novellist G/F 8 13/2 4th Fav
    2014 Taghrooda Good 8 7/2 2nd Fav
    2015 Postponed Soft 7 6/1 4th Fav
    2016 Highland Reel G/F 7 13/8 Fav

    In the last eleven years, Soft has been in the going description as many times as Firm. I think that Highland Reel needs fast ground to have the edge and is a very short price to get it.and you have to go back to Swain in 1997/1998 for the last double winner. Interesting that there has only been one double digit field in that time and Six fields with just Two places so EW AP bets on horses likely to take part, could be worth considering for the Three places.

  23. mike campo says:

    When I submitted, it took out my spacing so the number of runners taking part each year is the number following the going description.

  24. Mike N says:

    Mike N says:
    July 18, 2017 at 6:52 am
    For the Open I’m going for Jordan Speith 16s and
    Ricky Fowler 16s. Each way 8 places.

    I think I will watch some golf tomorrow. ;)

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