General horseracing and sport tips June 2017

Please add your general tips and comments etc to this thread.

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  1. kj says:

    i woulda backed the 50-1 shot there! and thought from their paddock commentary well frankies, us navy was the horse to beat, ryan! i’ll just have to think about all the bad bets i could have placed ;) .

  2. kj says:

    itv has hired a whole team oh very odd voices, then they slip in some made in essex idiot for the new world order! cripes not missed itv racing ; ) to boot richi has picked one of the teams horses.. good luck id pick some outsiders 50-1 again oh and watersmeet for a name, damn somone on tv picked him

  3. marko says:

    Get in Withold ,

  4. Mike N says:

    Get in Withhold!

  5. kj says:

    well done team with the first 2, big horse the winner

  6. marko says:

    Cheers KJ , WD Mike , that was a big punt on it 12s in places last night

  7. Jackie says:

    well done guys! Nice 2nd place for London Prize too :)

  8. marko says:

    WD Jackie :),,

  9. Seven Towers says:

    You beauty Bastyan. The second coming!

  10. Mike N says:

    thanks all

  11. Mike N says:

    wd winners

  12. kj says:

    ooh watford or should it really be oh arsenal hey ;)

  13. Mike N says:

    I loved the end of that game kj. Get in you Hornets! :D

  14. Seven Towers says:


    2:15 Captain Chaos @ 7/2 bog
    2:50 Tommy Rapper @ 7/2 bog and Dear Sire @ 12/1 bog
    3:25 Lamb Or Cod @ 5/1 bog and Theatrical Star @ 12/1 bog
    4:00 Misterton @ 8/1 bog
    4:35 Village Vic @ 4/1 bog

  15. Seven Towers says:

    Get in Misterton!

  16. Kevski111 says:

    Magic Pulse for me tonight 1st race Kempton, trainer only runner and long traveler, even booked Tom Queally to ride 17/2.

  17. Mike N says:

    Petit Mouchoir 12-1 Artkle Chase is my first antepost bet for Cheltenham after today.
    Hopefully he can be as good over the bigger obstacles. :)

  18. Kevski111 says:

    Magic Pulse 2nd! Should have won, got shuffled to last came very wide and still got 2nd place at 12/1. I was robbed I tell ya :)

  19. Kevski111 says:

    Rebel Heart 5:10 Brighton. Never run a bad race under William Carson, here’s hoping 14/1.

  20. Kevski111 says:


  21. Kevski111 says:

    Gone for a cheeky e/w double, Red house hill and Luath today plus win only on Luath.

  22. Jackie says:

    Well done Kevski, very nice price there!

  23. Jackie says:

    Morning team :)

    What a cracking card for the end of season! And for that reason, being the end of the season my stakes are low today ;)

    Out till 3pm at work, then evening work too; have gone back to Laddies after wife walked out as I need the extra pennies.

    Anyways, mine today all Ascot:
    Stradivarias, Harry Angel, Bateel, Beat the bank, Barney Boy.

    Singles and ew 5 fold :)

    Good luck all, see you later!

  24. Mike N says:

    After what was probably my best year punting on the flat I am hoping to go out with a bang or two. ;)

    Today’s picks…

    1.25 Order Of St George 6-4 AP
    2.00 Tasleet 11-2 ew w/o Harry Angel & Caravaggio
    2.40 Bateel 4-1 ew AP
    3.15 Ribchester 9-4 AP
    3.50 Cracksman 2-1, Brametot 10-1 ew AP
    4.30 Zabeel Prince 5-1 ew AP, Lord Glitters 7-1 ew AP

  25. Kevski111 says:

    Cheers Jackie, haven’t been able to pick my nose lately. Gonna try an e/w on Torcedor in the first 22/1.

  26. marko says:

    My picks for today, i’m taking on the favs today for some value

    Stradavarius 8/1
    Quiet reflect 15/2
    Journey 7/2 (4pl)
    Beat the bank 11/2 (4pl)
    Recoletos 22/1
    Withernsea 28/1 (6pl)

    and a crumb on Capn 500/1

    Good luck all

  27. Mike N says:

    marko you always take on the faves ;)

  28. marko says:

    I know Mike ;)

  29. Mike N says:

    Get in Order!!

  30. marko says:

    WD Mike 1st blood to the fav, strad places

  31. Mike N says:

    Ta marko. Looked beat at one stage.

  32. Kevski111 says:

    WD Mike. Torcedo returned me just over 6/1 so happy so far :)

  33. Mike N says:

    Nice one Kev

  34. Mike N says:

    Can you believe that.Tasleet beats the big 2 and then gets mugged lol.

  35. Kevski111 says:

    Cheers Mike. Got free bet so going completely Ga Ga e/w on Symphonic in the next at Catterick.

  36. Mike N says:

    Good run from Bateel.

  37. Kevski111 says:

    I believe CLYNE has improved enough to take the Welsh champion hurdle so gone all in :)

  38. Jackie says:

    Well done Mike and Kevski!

  39. Mike N says:

    Ta Jackie. On a run of seconditis at present.

  40. Jackie says:

    Added Desert Encounter ew :)

  41. Mike N says:

    Barney Roy is a fast ground horse by the way.
    I’ll be a bit shocked if he won.

  42. Mike N says:

    Get in Cracksman!!

  43. marko says:

    WD Mike

    combi exacta in the last Withernsea /spec bid / oh this is us / accident agent

  44. Mike N says:

    Ta marko..

  45. Mike N says:

    Get in Looord at 7-1!

    That’s me done on the flat. :D

  46. marko says:

    WD Mike and yes it’s been a good year :)

  47. Kevski111 says:

    Well done Mike keep ‘em coming over the jumps!

  48. Seven Towers says:

    Like you Mike N, have added Petit as my second AP horse for the Festival (Arkle). Have got Death Duty in both the JLT and RSA at 12′s. If Elliott says he is possibly the best he has trained then who am I to disagree!?

    Kempton today

    2:10 Jumping Jack
    2:40 Bach De Clermont
    3:15 Amour De Nuit
    3:50 Pearls Legend
    4:20 San Benedeto
    4:50 Ramore Will

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