Cheltenham Festival 2018

Please add your thoughts for the 2018 Cheltenham Festival to this page

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496 Responses to Cheltenham Festival 2018

  1. Mike N says:


  2. Kevski111 says:

    1:30 Redicean
    2:10 Chesterfield
    2:50 Real Steel
    3:30 Native River
    4:10 Burning Ambition
    4:50 Blow By Blow
    5:30 Vaniteux

  3. Irish Raider says:

    1:30 Apple’s Shakira
    2:10 Whiskey Sour
    2:40 Dortmund Park
    3:30 Definitely Red
    4:10 Wonderful Charm
    4:50 Diese Des Bieffes
    5:30 Dresden

  4. PenguinKeeper says:

    1.30 Apples Shakira
    2.10 Brelade
    2.40 Talkischeap
    3.30 Double Shuffle
    4.10 Minella For Value
    4.50 Burrows Saint
    5.30 Dresden.

  5. super keno says:

    Minella Rocco and Double Shuffle are non runners in the Gold Cup

  6. Pollyowls says:

    Current non-runners:-
    2.10 – 24 Brahms De Clermont, 26 I Shot The Sheriff, 27 Krugermac
    3.30 – 6 Double Shuffle, 10 Minella Rocco, 16 Shantou Flyer
    4.50 – 19 Amour De Nuit
    5.30 – 20 The Game Changer

  7. red flash says:

    1330 apples shakira
    1410 flying tiger
    1450 santini
    1530 mite bite
    1610 burning ambition
    1650 flawless escape
    1730 le prezian

  8. Pollyowls says:

    Yesterday was probably my worst day ever at Cheltenham.. the only success I had was a non-runner!!
    So, only playing for pride in the comp..

    1:30 – Stormy Ireland
    2:10 – Chesterfield
    2:50 – Santini (plus Calett Mad ew)
    3:30 – Might Bite (and Total Recall ew)
    4:10 – Caid Du Berlais
    4:50 – Carter McKay
    5:30 – Don’t Touch It (and Foxtail Hill ew)

    Interesting to note that 34 points won the comp last year… we’re already upto 41 after Day 3!!!
    Good luck to you all today..

  9. Alesia says:

    Can I replace The Game Changer with Le Prezien please?

  10. Mike N says:

    Yes Alesia

  11. JJ says:

    Day 4:
    1.30 Apple’s Shakira
    2.10 Flying Tiger
    2.40 Santini
    3.30 Road To Respect
    4.10 Grand Vision
    4.50 Melrose Boy
    5.30 Dresden

  12. NTS says:

    Looks like a very difficult day today – judging by entries so far today not much consensus!
    1:30 Redicean
    2:10 Ben Dundee
    2:50 Chris’s Dream
    3:30 Our Duke
    4:10 Foxrock
    4:50 Brillare Momento
    5:30 Le Prezien

  13. rough and tumble says:

    Flying Tiger
    Road to respect
    Wonderful charm
    Diese des Beiffes


  14. Seven Towers says:

    Trying to find a bookie that will offer me 50/1 for Djakadam and a whip ban!

  15. Patsy2 says:

    1.30 Apples Shakira
    2.10 Smaoineamh Alainn
    2.50 Santini
    3.30 Road To Respect
    4.10 Wonderful Charm
    4.50 Melrose Boy
    5.30 Gino Trail

  16. Seven Towers says:

    Showing cards early today!

    1:30 Apple’s Shakira but sticking with Redicean pocket-wise
    2:10 Ben Dundee
    2:50 Santini – CDO and DP pocketwise
    3:30 Native River
    4:10 Burning Ambition
    4:50 Flawless Escape
    5:30 Le Prezien

  17. majorattraction says:

    Morning all, final choises

    1.30 Apple’s Shakira
    2.10 Brelade
    2.50 Dortmund Park
    3.30 Native River
    4.10 Grand Vision
    4.50 Melrose Boy
    5.30 Sizing Platinum

    Good luck to all.

  18. super keno says:

    1:30 Apple’s Shakira
    2:10 Duca De Thaix
    2:50 Santini
    3:30 Definitly Red (also backed Total Recall and Road to Respect AP)
    4:10 Foxrock
    4:50 Deal D’estruval
    5:30 Gino Trail

  19. Corbiere says:

    Corbs picks to try and wrestle Top Spot back
    1.30 Apple’s Shakira
    2.10 Smaoineamh Alainn
    2.50 Chef Des Obeaux
    3.30 Might Bite
    4.10 Burning Ambition
    4.50 Deal D’estruval
    5.30 Gino Trail
    Good Luck all

  20. sling-shot03 says:

    1.30.Apples Shakira
    3.30.Our Duke
    4.50.Flawless Escape
    Also on definitely red big style each way and Trixie’s and doubles.

  21. Mike N says:

    Day 4 picks…

    1.30 Apples Shakira 16-1 ew AP. Come on Shakira you can do it!!
    2.10 Whiskey Sour 10-1 ew, Spiritofthegames 18-1 ew. 6 places
    2.50 Chef Des Obeaux ew 4 places
    3.30 Our Duke free bet, Might Bite 12-1 King George/Gold Cup double, Native River ew
    4.10 Foxrock ew 4 places
    4.50 Deal D’estruval ew 5 places
    5.30 North Hill Harvey ew 5 places

  22. National Punter says:

    Hi all at Cheltenham, excited

    130 stormy island
    210spirit of the games
    250 mulcanys hill
    330 might bite
    410 Pacha du polva
    450 blow by blow
    530 rock the world

    Good luck all

  23. Jackie says:

    Late today!
    Chris’s dream
    Road to respect
    Sire du berlais

    God luck team!

  24. Lucky Vane2 says:

    Today’s bets for me are

    1.30 Apple Shakiira (6/4) , Redican (6/1) & Sussex Ranger (20/1)
    2.10 Spiritofthegame (12/1) Flying Tiger (11/1), Ben Dundee (11/1), William H Bonney (25/1)
    2.50 Poetic Rhythm (14/1), Dortmund Park (14/1)
    3.30 Might Bite (7/2ap) Road To Respect (12/1ap) Native River (5/1) , Djakadam (SP)
    4.50 Carter McKay (16/1)
    5.30 Some Plan (16/1), Bouveruil (14/1), Dolos (18/1)

    ap= Ante Post

  25. Jackie says:

    I see rough and tumble had the winner! Well done!

    Did anyone else have him? Fab pick if you did!

    Best sight Stormy getting up!

  26. kj says:

    Well that wasn’t to plan for most, Well done Rough and Tumble…I was behind Redicean. Thank goodness that horse is ok, my heart sank, never nice to see that kind of tired fall at the last.

  27. Mike N says:

    the hurdle course looks pretty knackered.

  28. Mike N says:

    3rd and 5th. thatll do.

  29. red flash says:

    that didnt look good for sandsend poor thing think defo broke its leg in that slip

  30. Mike N says:

    those Kempton raceday winners in January not produced many winners at Cheltenham as predicted. Chef disappointing.

  31. kj says:

    Glad to see that for Natives chances, fancied Our Dukes chances before Percys performance,… but with all the small price chances and my big outsider from ages ago Double Shuffle out, question is who is the one outsider for everybody else?
    I wonder if it will be the maroons and Elliott again, I will pick Outlander 22-1.
    Nominations in double figures atleast please ;) I love Killutugh Vic too but wheres the fun in 10-1 as an outsider… hoping to watch! good luck team :D

  32. Pollyowls says:

    Sticking with Total Recall… the Ladbroke Trophy was about the best race I’ve seen this season
    I think 16s is still a big price

  33. Seven Towers says:

    You like to revel when opinions don’t pan out don’t you Mike. You’re not Paddy Mullins by any chance? Feel like I’m getting struck without a chance to respond.

  34. Mike N says:

    what dya mean ST. I just pointed out a prediction that I made was correct. didn’t mention you at all.

  35. Mike N says:

    Pollyowls im hoping they nurse him round quietly. ;)

  36. Mike N says:

    If Edwulf wins there will be a cinema release in 2020. ;)

  37. kj says:

    Seeing the line up on screen again Polly and having TR in my stable there at 16s, pulls me away form Outlander to be honest I’m glad I’m not betting in this! if I was, I would probably stop at one favor fav! and one fav outsider, Native and TR it is then, final call.

  38. kj says:

    Parade always going to be Edwulf and Might Bite isn’t it, beautiful.

  39. Mike N says:

    get in Native!

  40. kj says:

    oh what a good boy

  41. Seven Towers says:

    Is the National fav dead?

  42. kj says:

    I think he got up, very nasty fall that he looked bound to do at some point

  43. Seven Towers says:

    I hope so.

  44. Mike N says:

    i thought i saw him get up ST in the background, not 100% sure though

  45. kj says:

    I had 2 computers working! to be more accurate he definately got up but it looked nasty

  46. Pollyowls says:

    All horses and jockeys are fine
    I’ve only got radio commentary… how did TR run..?

  47. Mike N says:

    kj i thought TR was going ok at the time was watching him. jockey taking the brave man’s route.

  48. kj says:

    He was going well in what was a 2 horse race Polly, not surprised 7T thought he was dead his legs were going on falling straight down on his neck legs folding.

  49. Seven Towers says:

    He has looked like he was going to fall all season. But good stuff. Couldn’t even win a NH Chase!

  50. Mike N says:

    TR jumped the fence ok and crumpled on landing.

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