Cheltenham Festival 2018

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  1. pablo says:

    Retraining of racehorses parade at Cheltenham containing a variety of old blog favourites / rogues including Any Currency, Silviniaco Conti and Wayward Prince.

    Silv still looks a bit keen – too keen for that hill at the end of the race!

  2. Mike N says:

    Kevski111 says:
    March 13, 2018 at 12:18 pm
    Hi Mike N, can I change my choice in the 4:10 from Apples Jade to Jer’s girl? If not don’t worry and leave it. Thanks in advance.

    Ok Kev will do this once, Corbs please see above.

    I forgot to add the following the rule though so my fault, so folks please see the below additional rule for the rest of the meeting.


  3. Mike N says:

    Oh no. Francesca Cumani.

  4. kj says:

    my thoughts exactly, my internet fixed.. atleast to a working bandwith this lunchtime (can you believe it!) and first thing I hear is an intro from these wooden tops!

  5. JJ says:

    Leave Francesca alone… ;-)

  6. kj says:

    Don’t need anymore winding up JJ ;) all this french/ snow rubbish, had to stay in all day or be fined yesterday noone came! miraculously lunchtime today it starts sort of working ;) Town has taken a bashing, not just terrace canopies… my favourite big trees were toppled in town! cheltenham is heavy! first time in did they say 36yrs! wish I’d had internet I coulda played my kinda ground, surely some good value out there!? just hoping I can watch! here we go good luck peeps!.

  7. kj says:


  8. Mike N says:

    wow. getabird was bad. wd winners.

  9. kj says:

    Winer looked good a long time, Tom George ey… if I’d played the team comp I woulda picked Kalashnikov bad luck if you had him.

  10. Seven Towers says:

    God, I wish Heskin had been riding that winner.

  11. Mike N says:

    shudve dropped Tom George an email. ;)

  12. Jackie says:

    WD all on winner.

    Was screaming for Kalashnikov!

  13. kj says:

    Repeat result on similar ground so not hard to predict I suppose, on looks I liked K but he didn’t look too comfortable, couldn’t see winner in the card ..but could oncourse! can it be only LV got the winner! good start Neil.

  14. Jackie says:

    Great, well done Neil :)

  15. kj says:

    Did they show the retrained horses or as Pablo calls them rogues on tv? or is talking about dyed hair on social media more important ;)

  16. Jackie says:

    God they’ve gone fast!

  17. Jackie says:

    Woooo hooooooooo :D :D

  18. Mike N says:

    3rd. thatll do at 12s. ;)

  19. kj says:

    Thought that would be eventful, tactical stalker nearly flatterns a fence while adrift.

  20. kj says:

    Here we go then national fans, a race over 3m! loving internet working in time for this, can’t believe it, had given up!
    Vintage Clouds is as short as 33-1 for GN is there any chance he getting in!? has there been many withdrawls injuries to GN entrants I’ve missed team?

  21. Pollyowls says:

    Times for first two races…
    Supreme: 4:05.00 – 11.8 secs slower than Labaik
    Arkle: 4:02.40 – 6.9 secs slower than Altior

  22. kj says:

    my speed is dropping through the god damn floor just in time grrrr

  23. Mike N says:

    get in Cooooooooooo!

  24. Seven Towers says:

    1st and 3rd.

  25. Jackie says:

    Well done winners :)

  26. kj says:

    saw it! most of it…. internet fully kindly dropped out after the line ;) think that might be it for me today, well done winners!
    true run race, Vintage ran well considering he has had a tough few races, looked tired but dug in, great yard stick. Others were really meh weren’t they.
    Vicente not good, finished? I mean he can’t jump but maybe he is finished. Singlefarmpayment apparently a mentalist pulling half way I noticed, still kept going after errors. Sizing Codleco wind op no difference. Hmm.

  27. Jackie says:

    KJ, hope you’re back for next few days ;)

  28. Mike N says:

    cheers all

  29. kj says:

    me too Jacks ;) (hope you don’t mind me changing your name there)
    So frustrating,… France! don’t like it but I have to go along with it, apparently ;) talking about jobs n services, people lucky enough to be their own bosses really are nice.
    Come on Faugheen and come on Wicklow! France let me watch!

  30. kj says:

    come on Barry too! ;)

  31. Mike N says:

    get in champ!!

  32. Seven Towers says:

    Gerraghty so nearly f—-d that

  33. Jackie says:


    Not at all KJ, I think we’ve been here long enough ;)

  34. Mike N says:

    Time identical to the Supreme which makes me think that BD wasn’t at his best today.

  35. kj says:

    you never know Jackie, my mother hates people calling me any shortening, consequently I kinda do, thats why I’m just letters ;)

  36. Mike N says:


  37. Seven Towers says:


  38. Jackie says:

    I did NOT think she would be the one to let the side down :(

  39. Mike N says:

    get in! 1st and 2nd. :D

  40. Jackie says:

    Again phew! WD Mike N :)

  41. Seven Towers says:

    Think Mossback could be a goner. Not good viewing.

  42. Seven Towers says:

    The winner doesn’t look well either

  43. Mike N says:

    ta Jackie

  44. Seven Towers says:

    I’m glad someone derived enjoyment from watching that. Well done you.

  45. Jackie says:

    What’s happened to them 7T? Are they ok?

  46. Mike N says:

    no probs ST.

  47. Mike N says:

    Jackie I think the mossbank injury was bad.

  48. Mike N says:

    Rathvinden is ok. Bit overheated at the finish.

  49. Seven Towers says:

    Mullins beat the sht out of the winner in the finish. Mossbank limped away badly from his fall. The winner had to be washed down at the finish for 15 minutes as he looked like he would collapse.

  50. Mike N says:

    no he didn’t ST he rode it to win the race. its the Cheltenham Festival what do you expect??

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