Cheltenham Festival 2017

Please add all your thoughts and tips to this page for the 2017 Cheltenham Festival

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660 Responses to Cheltenham Festival 2017

  1. Mike N says:

    ST don’t think Native River ran like a handicapper. ;)

  2. Mike N says:

    Minella wont win the GN at 7 years old. you heard it here first. don’t get carried away.

  3. Seven Towers says:

    Well, you’ve got 39 other chances of being right, so not that bold a call Mike.

  4. Mike N says:

    very true. ;)

  5. sampy says:

    Don’t see where else they can go with him though, and he’ll be handicapped out of it next year after that

  6. Mike N says:

    Djakadam was a bit unlucky I thought. Just watched the replay.

  7. Mike N says:

    im sure they will be tempted sampy,, and if he goes he will shape the market be around 8-1 and plenty of value elsewhere as a result.

  8. Seven Towers says:

    He is one of the few horses in the GN field that looks like the race is within their compass put it that way. I suspect Saphir followers won’t be too displeased with his effort either.

  9. kj says:

    Well done winners!!
    CC wasn’t going the whole way, you could see he wasn’t up for it in the ring and saw a winning walk!.
    stable form did not point to Tizzard did it.
    Unlucky Djak (the other top walker)
    A 7yr old can win the GN you heard it here first Mike ;)

  10. Mike N says:

    Shows what a horse Douvan is, seeing Sizing John winning all these races.

  11. Mike N says:

    ‘can’ isn’t the same as ‘will’ kj. ;)

  12. kj says:

    I don’t know the future ;)

  13. kj says:

    ah she really can’t believe it!

  14. Seven Towers says:

    The 33/1 I got looks good but only if he goes for the damn thing!

  15. Mike N says:

    Tony McCoy is a legend but saying Djakadam doesn’t stay is a bit crazy. Someone should show him the Coneygree race.

    In my view, Djakadam is a horse who prefers cut. Don Cossack and Sizing John are pacey animals so its just that bit at the end where you need a bit of pace on good ground. Ruby said as much last year.
    And this year that blunder was costly yet he still kept going to the line.

  16. Mike N says:

    I say in my view, Ruby said it. lol

  17. Mike N says:

    is Minella Rocco in the Irish National. look after him and go for that.

  18. kj says:

    Was it not quite slow the first lap?

  19. kj says:

    why don’t they notice what I noticed, CC was very quiet and totally not up for it today!
    you could have just taken him out when he got up this morning I feel.

  20. Mike N says:

    dunno, they don’t do analysis on ITV. rubbish.

  21. Seven Towers says:

    Our Duke will win the Irish National. You heard it here first!

  22. kj says:

    Yeah, but his own team coulda called it, Tizzard not one of those known to take things out late is he, maybe he should think a bit more, needs to eat less pies too I noticed.
    Love the Fringe, Pacha without the penalty ;) be safe.

  23. pablo says:

    You have to say VP gave that horse a great ride last year for a novice rider

  24. Mike N says:

    dunno why Pendleton is getting excited, she gave that horse an awful ride last year. lol

  25. kj says:

    well done NP, why did they give that horse to Pendleton exactly last yr ;)

  26. pablo says:

    On second thoughts Stewart wins rug of the year at Cheltenham

  27. pablo says:

    Around Christmas time they asked the “brains trust” at the RP for Cheltenham tips. 20 journos. Just one tipped an AP winner and that was G Rodway 10/1 Lets Dance. One of the others tipped Buv but for JLT not Champion Hurdle so doesn’t count.

    So well done AP backers on here!

  28. Mike N says:

    Ive had 5 AP winners, a second, and a third this week. I’ll do a RP job for them. ;)

  29. marko says:

    WD Mike that takes some doing with the uncertainty about which race they are in & WD NP & KJ with Pacha

  30. sampy says:

    What a WANK*R M O’Leary is! Can I say that?

  31. Mike N says:

    you just did. lol

  32. pablo says:

    Sampy I think he was trying to be genuine and honest. Problem is he had to try. The trainer and jock are top class though.

  33. sampy says:

    We’ll be humble he said. Fat chance. We’ll be in the winners enclosure in heaven he said, HA! Names not on the list you’re not coming in :-P

  34. moreen says:

    Ken Pitterson said Cue Card didn’t look good in the paddock but said Djakadem had never looked better. So relieved that Cue Car is ok [couldn't sleep last night for worrying]. Did anyone see the last minute gamble on Champagne Classic in the Martin Pipe?Halved in price before the off#ohtobeintheknowsometimes

  35. pablo says:

    Michael and Eddie is it? Sorry you’ve come up to the penthouse but need to go down to the lower ground floor… you can take off your coats too its rather warm down there…

  36. Mike N says:

    Marko I need a Dandridge win and yours to unplace to force the tiebreaker. And the other chasers need a Theinval success in the last. Can you last home?. ;)

  37. pablo says:

    Gordon’s a class act – I’m really pleased for him

  38. marko says:

    Gritting my teeth Mike i’m running out of steam :)

  39. Mike N says:

    wd marko. I think you have held on

  40. marko says:

    Cheers Mike it’s a blanket finish :)

  41. Mike N says:

    *Mike N puts the Green Jacket on marko*

    as is the tradition. :D

    Im sure Corbs will confirm later.

    Today was a washout, but financially its been my best ever Cheltenham. Might Bite, Buveur, Un De Sceaux, Yorkhill and Altior going in antepost along with two 12-1 places. And some other winners during the first 3 days too.

    ITV coverage is pants though lol.

  42. marko says:

    Thanks Mike i happily take the green jacket (pending confirmation) & WD on your week , i was about level going into today & sizing john did me a good favour as well as mick Jazz being withdrawn ;)

  43. Corbiere says:

    Cheltenham Top Tipster Competition Results

    The Winner of the Green Jacket is

    Marko 34
    Corbiere 31
    Mike N 30
    Pollyowls 30
    National Punter 28
    Lucky Vane 28
    Patsy 27
    Earthstopper 26
    Slingy 26
    Jackie 25
    Irish Raider 24
    Red Flash 21
    Seven 20
    Galileo 16
    Major 15
    Supersub 14
    Oscar 11
    Green Goddess 1

    Well done MARKO !!

  44. Corbiere says:


    Had a brilliant day won hundreds courtesy of Arctic Fire & Rock The World, didn’t have courage of convictions and put my outsiders in comp.

    Well done Marko with your late substitution, were you did, with ARCTIC FIRE !!

  45. kj says:

    Cheltenham Tipster title race was pretty tight this year but you overtook in the final straight and pulled clear!
    well done Marko!!!

  46. sampy says:

    Ironies for me : number of horses winning I couldn’t see staying looking at their pedigrees

    Sizing John
    Tiger Roll
    Domesday Book

    Also Penhill and Nicholls Canyon although they had form. All tanked through their races and found plenty at the end.

  47. marko says:

    Cheers everyone as always a fun, intriguing & competative comp, i look forward to retaining it next time, a big thanks to Corbs & Mike N for running it

  48. Pollyowls says:

    Many congratulations marko… see your challenge caught “Fire” on the last day!! Thanks to Corbs and Mike N for all their efforts in the competition.. and well done for getting in the frame.
    Personally, I could kick myself… I mentioned Minella Rocco, Champagne Classic and Gardefort yesterday, and took the safer option in each race… only goes to show you should always go with your gut feeling! Overall, despite a fairly quiet Days 3 & 4, am still in front on the week – though obviously not as far as you are Mike!!
    Not sure it was a vintage Festival in terms of quality… I think all four winners of the Championship races will struggle to retain their titles in 2018, but the performances of Un De Sceaux and Defi Du Seuil were both unbelieveably impressive.