Bet365 Gold Cup 2016

The Bet365 Gold Cup takes place at Sandown on 23rd April.

Please add your thoughts and tips to this page

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85 Responses to Bet365 Gold Cup 2016

  1. Mike N says:

    Sandown messed up the watering again by the look of it. Been watering all week turning the ground good to soft with soft patches even though 6mm of rain tonite. Why can’t they maintain good ground properly.

  2. Mike N says:

    Final decs are out. The Young Master 14-1ew, Measureofmydreams 14-1ew. Might do another in the morning.

  3. Kevski111 says:

    Yes Mike N, now my 1st choice is not running it has to be Measureofmydreams. Not backing it until the day to make sure it runs! No jockey on either declared yet I see for both Mullins horses?

  4. mike campo says:

    O’Faolains Boy withdrawn yet again.
    Becoming a pattern for Rebecca to talk him up before withdrawing him at the last minute and if fast ground was truly the worry, why not wait until after tonight’s potential rain. Withdrawn from The Hennessy, Welsh Natioal and Grand National prior to this yet ran in the GC on good ground where he was obviously outclassed as per his rating. Doesn’t make any sense to me.
    My Bets are:
    Henri Parry Morgan at 14/1 AP
    Just A Par EW at 25/1 4 places AP & EW 20/1 5 places today
    Spring Heeled at 33/1 today
    Drop out Joe at 33/1 today

    Hoping Just A Par is a solid EW after making up a huge amount of ground from the back to sweep past the leaders after the last and win going away last year. Only 3 lbs higher this year with his 5 lbs claimer so hoping that he didn’t have too hard a race in the GN after being ‘looked after’ when his chance had gone.
    Good luck team.

  5. Mike N says:

    It’s NRNB now Kev

  6. Kevski111 says:

    Cheers Mike, just layed into it. Couple of outside bets on Seventh Sky and Drop Out Joe.

  7. moari says:

    Been thinking a little more about what charlie mann said 9 days ago about seventh sky needing the run at chelts.must mean this has been the target for some time especially as after the tommy whittle they were keen to run him at aintree which he bypassed all together.just backed him e-w at 40s just in case

  8. Kevski111 says:

    Now backed:
    Southfield Theatre
    Carols Destrier
    Henri Parry Morgan
    Drop out Joe
    seventh sky.
    Need one of the first two mentioned to win for good money. Obviously the last two are good prices so will be a handy profit if any of those come in. Other two cover bets. Be very surprised if the winner doesn’t come out of that 6. Good luck folks.

  9. super keno says:

    Backed 2 so far :-

    Theatre Guide 16/1ew
    Gold Futures 20/1 ew

    Will add another one tomorrow, torn between Henri Parry Morgan and The Young Master!

  10. moari says:

    Will be doing dynaste and hadrians approach tomorrow but thats it,8 will just let them ride and see what happens

  11. moari says:

    Don’t know where the 8 came from

  12. miinnehoma says:


    Just A Par -5P4203,——-14/1,—3rd Chp hcap.
    Hadrian’s Approach -2U10,-10/1,—14th Ultima hcap.
    Quentin Collonges -771—-14/1,—1st Grimthorpe.
    Tidal Bay -3254,———–9/1,—4th Aint hurdle.
    Poker De Sivola -76U,—–11/1,—UR Scottish Nat.
    Church Island -25400,—–20/1,—11th Naas hurdle.
    Hennessy -165,————13/2,—5th NH chase.
    Monkerhostin -33P,——–25/1,—PU Ultima hcap.
    Hot Weld -PPP61,———–6/1,—1st Scottish Nat.
    Lacdoudal -16134722,——10/1,—2nd Aint hcap.
    Jack High -38148462,——16/1,—2nd Irish Nat.
    Puntal -1211415UU,——–25/1,—UR Grand Nat.

  13. Showlad says:

    Good luck all :) :)

    Showlad’s tips:
    and paying 5 places so nailed on place is

  14. bobbyjo says:

    Does nobody fancy Le Reve give its Sandown form is very impressive, I known its 11th in the GN was only a couple of week back but did show he was in good form till outpaced at the end

  15. Pollyowls says:

    Happy St George’s Day everyone..!!
    Probably not be around much today… I have a horse’s birthday party to attend – my wife’s beloved old man is 36 years old today, so I hope to get home in time to see the big race.
    Agree with Bobbyjo… everyone seems to have forgotten Le Reve at his beloved Sandown – sure he will be in the shake-up if the National didn’t take too much out of him. The Young Master is already becoming a favourite of mine, and the extra half mile will suit him.
    Gold Futures is interesting… the twice he’s run over 3 miles or further, he’s won – it’s a big step up in class but at 25/1 he’s worth an interest.
    Best of luck to you all today.. hope it’s a great day’s racing!!

  16. Mike N says:

    Pollyowls I didn’t forget Le Reve he wouldve been my tip for this race had he not run and completed
    in the GN but I don’t believe he will be fresh enough to win.

  17. marko says:

    With only a stone difference in the weights i’m going with the top weight

    Sausolita Sunrise 25/1 Ew (5pl)

    Good luck All

  18. Mike N says:

    my ew 4 are…

    The Young Master 14s
    Measureofmydreams 14s
    Southfield Theatre 8s
    Henri Parry Morgan 10s

  19. Showlad says:

    Happy St.George’s Day to you too Polly :) I wouldn’t give your wife’s horse too much sherry at 36 :) :)

    Again we have a field with EASILY over half with genuine claims for the win. Bobby this race is littered with those who have either been too knackered or have kept the momentum ball rolling with a recent run and strode to a magnificent win. There’s seesm no perfect fit to assessing that recent run in this race. I wonder if the GN is one test too far too recent?

    Mike N hope you well.

    Marko Sausalito was my initial oick and I thought weight might have him. But you picking him as well shivers me timbers as our combo choices often do the job. Worried now ha ha :)

    Topping up on SPRING HEELED (nap).

    Good Luck all :) :)

    Hope ya’ll hang around for the summer jump races.

    Talking of that could any of you post up the dates of the Summer big jumps races if you know them?

  20. super keno says:

    My final 3:-

    Southfield Theatre 8/1ew
    Theatre Guide 16/1ew
    Gold Futures 20/1

    Good luck all!

  21. Systemsman says:

    Not overworked it. On a quick look as some very basic trends these are six against the field (cant brake it down further without a copy of the Racing Post). In no order.
    The Druids Nephew
    Le Reve
    Just A Par

  22. miinnehoma says:

    Tricky wee race, almost everyone of them has a chance. I have a few bob on Carole’s Destrier and will give Spring Heeled one more chance, 5th in the race before like past winners Hadrian’s Approach 5th & church Island 4th.

    I see Pricewise has given Spring Heeled.

  23. Seven Towers says:

    Two AP’s


    Have added

    DYNASTE @ 28/1

  24. mike campo says:

    Haven’t seen anything from Crisp for a little while.
    Hope all is well

  25. Corbiere says:

    Not had chance to study much, just today.
    Only backed Henri Parry Morgan on its own and in a double with the AMAZING Sprinter Sacre so fingers crossed after Sprinters win.
    Agree with all, anything could win. Those who had a hard GN in pretty awful ground I have steered clear of.

  26. Corbiere says:

    Wow HUGE GAMBLE going on Henri hope they’re right !

  27. kj says:

    had to add SAint Are and then locked out of having 4 with Hadrains app doh.

  28. kj says:

    first picks were theatre guide and Henri

  29. Mike N says:

    get in Master!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. marko says:

    Cracking race well done winners & placers

  31. kj says:

    well done youngsters!

  32. mike campo says:

    Well done mike and all other Young Master winners.
    I thought that I had it when Just A Par took it up after the last and I don’t think he saw the young Master coming to challenge again the other side due to the blinkers as he battled the lead back again a couple of yards after the line. That’s racing though and at least he did prove to be the solid EW option that I had claimed in my post. Pity Henri Parry Morgan fell while in contention towards the end. Didn’t expect him to end up favourite as Favourites seem to be jinxed in this.

  33. Mike N says:

    Ta Mike C. Wd winners and placers.

  34. mike campo says:

    We probably live quite close to each other as you support Watford.
    If you go to away games and can get a ticket, maybe meet up beforehand for a beer at Spurs V Watford next year?

  35. Mike N says:

    Mike C I’ve never lived near Watford lol.
    Supported them as a young un and it stuck. More of an armchair supporter you could say.