Grand National Runners 2010: Mon Mome

As requested sometime ago I’m trialling a few pages where people can add any info, views etc on a particular horse.

I’ll start with the Grand National winner and the Irish Grand National winner to see how it goes and add others in if it seems like people are using the pages. I am looking into an earlier suggestion to see if it would be possible to link to the horse previews on GNG – I will get back to you on that.

For now, please add all your Mon Mome views etc to this page. I will come back in the near future and add some general info about the horse – races won etc and a little bit of my view.

Please let me know your general view on this as a idea to take forward.


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9 Responses to Grand National Runners 2010: Mon Mome

  1. crisp 73 says:

    What a winner. A 166 RPR performance in the National. Let’s hope he comes back next year. Let’s go back in time to last April ….

    Mon Mome’s vital stats, 30th April 2008
    9 yr old, next April, +
    OR 141, +
    9 or more chases, +
    won 1 of his last 10 chases, – (12 without winning so needed win this season)
    top 3 C1 chase, +
    won at 27f, placed at 29f +
    RPR 144 or more, +
    left handed RPR 141 or more, +
    17k C1,C2 win, +
    40% 1st,2nd,3rd strike rate in chase, + (just over 50%)
    3 chase wins, +
    winner profile,top 5 Hennessey etc, +

    Had also won a 14 runner chase and posted a TS 150.

  2. Neil says:

    Like I said Horses who pops up in a short list will keep popping up year after year, until they too old. Expect a lot more weight. On a personal note and nothing to do with stats I think we due a duel winner, not necessary back to back wins though.

  3. The Stayer says:

    Mon Mome was indeed an impressive winner and he ran the race of his life winning by 12l, off 148 and earning an RPR of 166. This was quite similar to Hedgehunter in that he won by 14l off 144 and was also awarded an RPR of 166.

    Even with connections looking after his handicap mark, Hedgehunter contested his following National off 156 (and was well-in after finishing 2nd in the Gold Cup) so Phil Smith will surely give Mon Mome mountain to climb next year. Unless a horse like Denman runs he will probably be top weight and to defy the sort of mark he will have, he would probably have to be a better horse than Hedgehunter, and i’m not sure he is.

  4. crisp 73 says:

    This is Mon Mome’s page but thought it would be interesting to post the previous winner,Comply Or Die next to MM’s vital stats a year before he won. Let’s go back to April 30th 2007 ….

    Comply Or Die
    9yr old, next April 08, +
    OR 148/ had been off the track for 2 year raced again with 140, +
    9 or more chases, +
    won 1 of his last 10 chases, +
    top 3 C1 chase, +
    won at 26f hurdles, won at 25f chases, +
    RPR 144 or more, +
    left handed RPR 141 or more, +
    17k C1,C2 win, +
    40% 1st,2nd,3rd strike rate in chase, + (70%)
    3 chase wins, +
    winner profile,top 5 Hennessey etc, +

    Had only won a 9 runner chase so needed to prove himself in big field and had posted a TS 146.

  5. Daniel Edwards says:

    I think it’s a real shame for Comply or Die that he has come 1st and then second. Practically gauranteed top weight next year.

    Would be nice to line up next year off 11_04 or so; I for one would back him!!

  6. TC says:

    nice work on the stats crisp, whats the stand out at the moment, the obious 2 that fit them at the moment for me are Flintoff and Dear Villez, though i do think that if Denman runs he will have a huge bearing on the race

  7. maureen says:

    Watched part of the race again earlier today, and was amazed yet again by how fresh Mon Mome was after the race.

  8. green st. says:

    just qiuck one,good website for info/stats etc.
    plenty to digest in archives section.may help for 2010.

  9. Neil says:

    Don’t know if you are montoring this green st but the main thread appears to be happening on the bet 365 thread.Thanks for the site info.