Reserves Fail To Make Final Line Up For Grand National 2011

The final declarations are in for Grand National 2011 and the top forty horses have all stood their ground meaning the four reserves will miss out.

The debate as to who will start favourite rages on with the current betting very close between The Midnight Club, Oscar Time, What A Friend and Backstage.

However, the horse that looks to be attracting the most money with twenty-four hours to go is last year’s Grand National winner, Don’t Push It.

Don’t rule out a day of the race plunge on something like Bluesea Cracker or Arbor Supreme as bookies run scared of legendary owner and punter, JP McManus. The owner of Don’t Push It was allegedly behind the gamble on that horse last year and if he has a big bet on any of horses the bookies usually run for cover.

For any new readers out there make sure you take a price when making your Grand National selection as the bookies will get stingier and stingier and the race approaches and most horse will have their price cut and few will be allowed to drift.

As if its not hard enough anyway!

Good luck to all our readers, old and new, and lets hope we can show a profit.

Let us know who you think will go off favourite for the 2011 Grand National.

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One Response to Reserves Fail To Make Final Line Up For Grand National 2011

  1. sling-shot01 says:

    silver by nature will go off favourite for me when once a year punters pick up the papers tomorrow easy to spot as well and i hope he wins as well good luck to all