Bet365 Gold Cup Trends and Tips

Sorry for the delay with this thread but I’m on leave this week and it slipped my mind before I went on holiday. Ooops!

Therefore, no analysis from me will be added to the opening page but I know you’ve all been very busy with this race already and the Irish National. I’ll put a page up for the Fairyhouse race before I sign off today.

Please add all your trends, tips and analysis for the bet365 Gold Cup 2011 to this page.

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99 Responses to Bet365 Gold Cup Trends and Tips

  1. maureen says:

    Having just read an article in the Times where Ferdy and Harvey bemoan the fact that northern racing is dying a slow and painful death I rather hope that Mr Murphy wins tomorrow.

  2. MikeN says:

    Seven Towers I think you can forgive her that run ‘cos that was her first run in 2 years.
    You need to be able to jump at Cheltenham and she did that fine once she had the first run under her belt.

  3. Speedyseagull says:

    Might have a cheeky e/w on old timer Briery Fox. I like the old timers at Sandown.

  4. maureen says:

    The one that could spring a huge surprise is Fire and Rain, if anything back to his best. Meanus Dandy will probably win, but he ran badly last time and, although I believe he has won at Sandown my book says he is a big lump of a horse and I wonder if the fences might be a bit close together for him. Can’t Buy Time is a worry as he jumps ok away from Aintree and McCoy is very good round Sandown I think. Not sure that Aimigale will stay.

  5. JJF says:

    Morning all , glad to see someone else fancies my 2 that I put up eary in week , Meanus Dandy and Church Island , oh that would be the Shadow , so I am in esteemed company today ! Will also likely have win bet on Aimigale though price way too short now ! God Bless

  6. JJF says:

    Just had a quick look through the Sandown card , going for an unusual 5 fold , because its a fav one :
    205 San – King Of The Night
    235 San – Tantanio
    345 San – Dick Turpin
    Man Ut & Spurs .
    For a £10 , £35o return , worth a poke imho

  7. mandie says:

    poker de sivola and maktu e/w bets for me.

  8. crisp 73 says:

    Baby Run and Faasel for me.

  9. Rascal says:

    CHURCH ISLAND and MEANUS DANDY will be my two this afternoon. Good luck!

  10. maureen says:

    You’d have to think that, had the trainers championship been a bit tight PN would have been looking to Meanus Dandy to help him out. [by the way, mandie, did you know the Dog and Duck still had a thatched roof and that's why it burned so furiously..seems it had a preservation order on it!]

  11. sling-shot01 says:

    hi all ive been really busy lately my three against the field today are fire and rain at a big price 33/1 bet365 five places, im with maureen on that one, had a little spin over hurdles it will be nice and fresh this one , the ground and trip will be no problem , too bigga price to ignore, and on poker de sivola fancy this for the scottish, it was hindered badly so no fault of its own , head gear back on which is a plus for me nice and fresh and a big bold show from him, and meanus dandy a lot of the team are on and i fancy myself . i havnt looked at the irish yet and ill be looking at it to double one up with one from the bet365. and finish the season on high i hope , good luck for all.

  12. Speedyseagull says:

    I already have Faasel in a double with Flipando who won earlier in the week, so my 3 today are:

    Meanus Dandy
    Poker de Sivola
    Balthazar King

  13. Seven Towers says:

    Are you all quite sure that unlike me you don’t fancy the two “RANGERS”?

    Speak now or forever hold your peace!

  14. JJF says:

    Under no circumstances do I fancy either horse with R*****s , in its name on a weekend where my beloved Hoops go into the game at Castle Greyskull, just couldnt have it all !

  15. maureen says:

    More in hope than expectation, Fire and rain and Poker de Sivola. As usual could make a case for a lot of them, but I seem to remember F&R running on a blistering hot day like today when he won the Summer National and he’ll surely like the ground. Can’t see Exmoor Ranger staying likewise the Gentle one..I’ve lost money on both of them this year already.

  16. maureen says:

    Money piling on Major Malarky; has he been pricewised or Hugh Taylored? I know Simon Holt fancies him buthis words don’t cause such a betting frenzy.

  17. National Punter says:

    Morning all, lovely weather hope you all have your bbq’s out

    Tips for the day
    130 fancied clerks choice but now too short at evens
    205 King of the night or kazzene
    235 French opera & cornas
    310 mean us dandy & maktu
    345 music show
    420 shamble
    450 treble jig & suited and booted

    220 fiendish flame
    255 astrurienne
    330 mathui

  18. National Punter says:

    330 also alderly rover

  19. Pablo says:

    3.10 Can’t Buy Time & Aimigayle

    4.50 Directorship & Wannabe King

    Plus 4 e/w doubles

    Good luck with your bets!

  20. mrfrisk says:

    must of missed when tip for eurovision song contest given ! can put up again ? many thanks

  21. sling-shot01 says:

    hi np bqq on all the time love it.Like your tips going to add one more horse for the 4.50 dunno likes sandown e/w chance

  22. Speedyseagull says:

    placepot been decimated by that opener!

  23. maureen says:

    Glad you’re on Can’t Buy Time, Pablo; was sorely tempted but decided to resist.

  24. National Punter says:

    Hi Slingy

    My tip of the day, especially if you like a nice BBQ is my home made burgers
    Big packet of steak mince
    2 Birdseye chillies finely chopped
    1/4 of an onion thinly chopped
    2 types of choritzo one spice 1 normal (best thinly sliced as cooks better)
    3 cloves of crushed garlic
    Handful of fresh basil leaves
    Optional either a chunk of cambozola or blue Stilton cheese in the middle
    One egg to bond your mix in a bowl once mixed liquidise 2 slices of bread then mix in

    This should make 8 immense burgers for about £4

  25. National Punter says:

    Bad start, but also got on knight in purple in running and scooped 6/1 winner!!

  26. sling-shot01 says:

    nice one np try that one on sunday with my banana cooked in there skins

  27. National Punter says:

    Added church island too

  28. kj says:

    hey I’ve been busy but making sure i watch this one. Gone for Triggerman and old Churchy.

  29. kj says:

    had to add Meanus too, but doubt over distance.

  30. Seven Towers says:

    NH Chase yet again!

  31. maureen says:

    wipes sweat from brow..what a ride Timmy gave him!

  32. kj says:

    finally that horse wins something! and nearly Faasels day ;) could have backed em both I’m sure half of us would say, well done if you stuck with this one after unlucky in the scottish.

  33. National Punter says:

    Well done poker de sivola, did a last minute bet on faesel after hearing the second to ballabriggs, looked like a masterstroke for a minute, then finish like a train pds romps it in from nowhere was 95/1 in running!

  34. Seven Towers says:

    Some Target to complete a big race treble on Monday for NH Chase participants?

  35. crisp 73 says:

    These stats are great for picking who’ll come 2nd! 25-1 Faasel. It was nearly Thorntons easter eggs all round. Have to settle for an Asda special.

    Well done Poker De Sivola backers. Was on the stat short long list, so were 8 others!, no top2 place this season and didn’t have a 40%+ chase win place s/r.

  36. sling-shot01 says:

    get in there poker de sivola , kept the faith had him in the scottish what a ride, best ride in the season for me

  37. maureen says:

    One stat was that it was a good race for French breds..and remember Ferdy did the Scottish/Whitbread double with Hot Weld [?] the other year. Northern horses need these wins.

  38. JJF says:

    Well dome winners , after making PDS , my top pick last week for the SGN , I decided to leave him alone this time , wrong call , but well done those who had him

  39. Seven Towers says:

    The Shy Man’s going again tonight!

  40. National Punter says:

    Nice 14/1 win Pablo, I added directorship to my bets, so added the wrong one!!

    Well done to the winners. Got 3 winners but not a winning day overall

  41. Speedyseagull says:

    I had Poker de Sivola but he crushed my 250/1 double on Flipando & Faasel!

  42. mandie says:


    read that in the d.e.t, must be the best kept secret in derby.i certainly didnt have a clue,what a shame it was not on show.

    glad you were on sv aswell.

  43. National Punter says:

    Must of been an exciting race to watch speedy, looked like fasael had it

  44. Jackie says:

    Well done winners, wouldn’t have picked him myself, just one place with Triggerman for me.

    Only race that I had bet on today, just caught up with race.

  45. Jackie says:

    Just had a nice surprise, checking results today, I saw that Chaninbar came second, 14.35 Sandown, and remembered that i’d put 50p ew on him at 80′s last night!!

    I saw him refuse to race at Aintree, and then he refused the next day too, and thought that he was worth a bit ew incase he decided to race!!

    Covered all my main bets today, with a few squid spare! :)

  46. Speedyseagull says:

    National Punter
    April 23rd, 2011 19:02
    Must of been an exciting race to watch speedy, looked like fasael had it

    Exciting but frustrating! Should have done the forecast!

  47. JJF says:

    Morning all , Happy Easter to all , no bets for me today onto the Irish National tomorrow , away to big game today up here in Scotland , againts all the background of absolute madness up here , got my running shoes on just incase .

    Have a great day and all very Happy Easter to all , God Bless

  48. Systemsman says:

    Admin can you bump up the April page to the top and give us a new May page please. Also a page for major Flat races such as the 2000gns/Derby etc would be nice like last year (+ Summer National). It will keep the blog going over he summer + early Autumn as it did last year.

  49. Sytemsman says:

    Still waiting for that May page – Admin must be on holiday.