Grand National Tips 2010 (9)

Please now use this thread for all your tips and comments on the Grand National 2010.

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  1. Seahorse says:

    BLue SQ and 888 gone out to 25′s on AS on odds checker. What going on????

  2. The Stayer says:

    Something gone wrong with Oddschecker I think. If you go to BlueSq they are going 14s.

  3. andy says:

    Not too concerned about Walsh,McCoy not picking arbor etc…
    after all the horses AP as passed over in the past,thinking he’d have a better chance on others!

  4. puzzled says:

    “”The Stayer
    March 30th, 2010 07:50
    Presumably those that are concerned about Arbor Supreme being passed over by AP and Ruby are also very worried about Snowy Morning? Willie’s no.1 and no.2 jocks (Walsh and Townend) have looked elsewhere and the fact that Willie said yesterday that plans weren’t finalised for Snowy Morning leads me to beleive that David Casey is waiting to see whether or not Oodachee and/or Offshore Account get in.”"

    Really i don’t think that much thought should be given to why Ruby chose Big fella, over his other choices, as Ruby has a cluster of good horses to chose from and any one of them goes to Aintree with a great chance, but i am concerned that McCoy did not choose Arbor being that he does not have that greater selection of good horses to choose from, if the market is to believed then Arbor lines up with a far better chance than anything else he could have choosen from.

    But in saying all this i don’t think we should read into this too much as a stables NO1 jockey does make the wrong call from time to time.

  5. The Stayer says:

    So by the same reasoning are you must be concerned that Paul Townend as stable no.2 (effectively no.1 as Ruby has gone elsewhere) has chosen Arbor Supreme over Snowy Morning? Big negative for Snowy surely?

  6. admin says:

    Please bring your thoughts on this thread to a close now and start using the new main thread that I have just opened.


  7. andy says:

    Neil S -Post (500)
    yes mate,got snowy,state of play & character ready to replace any of my 6 that drop out or i change my mind about.
    is’nt there a big stst about horses that place at GN one year never win year after or something like that.
    then again now i think about it did’nt amberleigh house?

  8. Systemsman says:

    Just a thought on the weather again.

    What if the Irish National cannot take place (heavy rain/snow forcast for Ireland) – would many of the dual entered runners (how many?)not want to run in the UK Grand National and I suspect a few would not want it so heavy if it took place? Any views?

    I have revised my own forcast for the GN ground to Sft with some gd/sft patches after watching sky weather news again and checking other forcasts both rain and sun/cloudy are forcast for the next 10 days (NOT rain every day I might add, Sunnny on Friday). However there is a warm front moving in from the south on Friday and its difficult to predict how this will affect the north west beyond Saturday (rain).

    The good news that they are predicting a very nice day for GN race day.

    Irish National see:
    Worsening weather a concern for Fairyhouse

    Still plenty of time to clear up a bit by Monday but still looks like Heavy or Hvy/Sft

  9. whitearab says:

    With respect to you Nick – I thiok you are making a mountain out of a very small mole hill. Walsh is on the favourite and so why would he pick AS – simples. McCoy has a choice from a few and he has picked one with a similar looking chance to AS. I, for one am glad he is not on AS.

  10. Nick Mannion says:

    I see yer man Tulloch (Clerk of course Aintree) is living in lala land as he says lovely ground for the GN…

    Just see for the next 5 days…not one period without rain….

    Maybe Mr Tulloch should get out more…or at least pop his head out of the door!!!

  11. Nick Mannion says:

    No sorry if we have the 2 best at anything both making a choice to avoid something…well as I said…call me old fashioned for trusting the ‘best in the business’….and infact you said it yourself…they have both chosen horses they think have a better chance….

    We are not talking ‘journeymen’ jocks…we are talking the best…

    Whatever I am backing, or planning to, if they had either chosen to ride it I would be in raptures…if either or both of them had dismissed it…then I would start to think again…

    But if straws need to be clutched at to justify possibly…note the possibly…misguided near blind faith…then far enough.

    I wish I was a bookie sometimes..or a layer on the exchanges….

  12. Nick Mannion says:


    Air Force One has the bet365 Gold Cup as his favoured objective after trainer Charlie Mann decided against the chaser taking up either of his National entries.

  13. Russell E says:

    Here are my top 6 although I only back 4:-

    Vic Venturi 6pts
    Character Building 5pts
    Eric’s Charm 4pts
    Preists Leap 3pts
    Dont Push It 2pts
    Snowy Morning 1pt

    I went with Preists Leap last year and thought he did ok this year he got less weight and the ground will be more to his liking at 100/1 4th place will do me!!!!