Grand National 2010: 65 Left In Grand National

A total of sixty-five horses have been declared at the latest entry stage for the Grand National 2010.

The full list of horses who were not confirmed is Notre Pere, Air Force One, Deutschland, Chelsea Harbour, Dooney’s Gate, Equus Maximus, Lennon, Razor Royale, Anothercoppercoast and Cossack Dancer.

This will leave a few anxious days for fancied horses such as Silver Birch, Whinstone Boy and Chief Dan George who will need more horses to come out at the 48 hour declaration stage.

In other recent news, the well-fancied Character Building has been purchased by David and Patricia Thompson who also bought Party Politics three days before his Grand National win in 1992. This looks likely to mean the end of a possible fairytale for amateur rider Jamie Codd as the Thompsons are keen to engage the services of a professional jockey. Top jockeys without a confirmed ride include Richard Johnson and Robert Thornton, although Character Building’s former jockey Dougie Costello has also been mentioned as a likely contender.

For fans of Silver Birch and Cerium, British Horseracing Authority Head of Handicapping Phil Smith today ranked the horses on 10st 5lb in order of current ratings and Silver Birch and Cerium are jointly on number 41. There will be a draw at Weatherbys tomorrow (Tuesday) to determine which of the two horses will be ranked 41 and 42.

Big Fella Thanks currently remains the 9/1 favourite for the Grand National 2010 with Betfair

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21 Responses to Grand National 2010: 65 Left In Grand National

  1. Neil S says:

    Thanks admin. The list of runners plus weights at 5 day declaration stage are:

    1 Madison Du Berlais 11-10
    2 Mon Mome 11-7
    3 Black Apalachi 11-6
    4 Joe Lively 11-6
    5 Vic Venturi 11-6
    6 Comply Or Die 11-5
    7 Don’t Push It 11-5
    8 Made In Taipan 11-4
    9 Niche Market 11-4
    10 Tricky Trickster 11-4
    11 Cloudy Lane 11-3
    12 Dream Alliance 11-3
    13 Nozic 11-3
    14 My Will 11-2
    15 Pablo Du Charmil 11-2
    16 Backstage 11-0
    17 Ballyholland 11-0
    18 Beat The Boys 11-0
    19 Priest Leap 11-0
    20 Can’t Buy Time 10-13
    21 Snowy Morning 10-13
    22 Big Fella Thanks 10-12
    23 Character Building 10-11
    24 State Of Play 10-11
    25 Ellerslie George 10-10
    26 Ballyfitz 10-9
    27 Conna Castle 10-9
    28 Eric’s Charm 10-9
    29 King Johns Castle 10-9
    30 Ollie Magern 10-9
    31 Arbor Supreme 10-8
    32 Maljimar 10-8
    33 Irish Raptor 10-7
    34 Mr Pointment 10-7
    35 Piraya 10-7
    36 The Package 10-7
    37 Hello Bud 10-6
    38 Palypso De Creek 10-6
    39 Abbeybraney 10-5
    40 Cerium 10-5
    41 Flintoff 10-5
    42 Royal Rosa 10-5
    43 Silver Birch 10-5
    44 Knowhere 10-4
    45 Oodachee 10-4
    46 Whinstone Boy 10-4
    47 Faasel 10-4
    48 Officer De Reserve 10-3
    49 Chief Dan George 10-2
    50 Duers 10-2
    51Ballytrim 10-1
    52 Offshore Account 10-1
    53 Pak Jack 10-1
    54 Kings Advocate 10-0
    55 Treacle 10-0
    56 Galant Nuit 9-13
    57 Belon Gale 9-12
    58 Pomme Tiepy 9-12
    59 Merigo 9-10
    60 Chiaro 9-9
    61 According To John 9-8
    62 Lorum Leader 9-7
    63 Over The Creek 9-4
    64 Wee Robbie 9-0
    65 Offaly 8-12

    Makes up the full 65 runners left.

  2. Croat Goat says:

    and confirming again thats not the correct order..!!!

    42.Silver Birch
    43.Royal Rosa
    44.Whinstone Boy

  3. Bri says:

    I thought Flintoff was rated higher than Cerium?

  4. Bri says:

    Beat me to it Croat lol.

  5. Neil S says:

    This is the order that they were in when weights were published, Phil Smith will put them into their correct order on the day. Remember there’s an overnight stage too.

  6. Bauer says:

    good grief!!

  7. Neil S says:

    Trouble on here everyone’s a critic!

  8. Final declaration table if I may as late last time!….
    Madison 6 points
    Mon Mome 5 points
    Big Fella 4 points
    Comply or Die 3 points
    Niche Market 2 points
    Maljimar 1 point

  9. Neil S says:

    How can a horse on 10-4 go ahead of a horse on 10-5 .

    The ones on 10-5 will be fighting it out for last few places, and the ones on 10-4 for the last reserve spot if things keep as the are. Wishful thinking for Whinstone Boy me thinks.

  10. Croat Goat says:

    noone is putting WHinstone Boy ahead….he is 44…

    i understand we may be drawing lots to place Cerium and Silver Birch as both ressassed at 133

  11. Bauer says:

    Neil S
    April 5th, 2010 13:40
    How can a horse on 10-4 go ahead of a horse on 10-5.


  12. Neil S says:

    Bauer, in Croat Goats list he puts a list of horses on 10-5 and finishes with Whinstone Boy on 10-4.

    It just looks like he saying it will be in the reordering of the 10-5 horses, that’s all I am saying.

  13. Neil S says:

    He might be 44 if the a reordering for 10-5 then the one for 10-4, if things stay the same.

  14. Neil S says:

    Just spotted an error Faasel should be on 10-3. Sorry.

  15. Croat Goat says:

    thats right Neil…I just didnt extend downto the other 2 on 10st 4, Oodachee and then Knowhere….apologies if it caused confusion…Just couldnt see us getting any lower than that (altohugh the reserves probably will)

  16. Daniel Edwards says:

    Just had my pittance winnings from New Story on Dream Alliance ew at 33s.

    and a nibble of a saver on Vic Venturi on the nose at 16s.

    To put it out there so I cant do any ‘aftertiming’ ;) my returns, net profits, are;

    Snowy Morning 10 pts
    Hello Bud 3pts
    Erics Charm 3pts
    Dream Alliance 2pts

    Vic Ventrui 1/2 point
    Comply or Die 1/2 point (dont actually think he will win, but a long standing ante post bet at a decent price)

    A.N.Other 1/2 point loss

    I also have wins on Beat The Boys and Mr Pointment, but will be looking to lay these off.

    So I have 4 running for me, with two savers.

  17. Stuie says:

    Does anyone know if Madison du Berlais is still an intended runner? Isn’t he more likely to run against Imperial Commander? If he doesn’t run, will the weights rise by 3 pounds meaning Mon Mome has to carry 11 stone 10 and Big fella thanks weight rises to 11 stone 1? (Only Hedgehunter and Red Rum have carried 11 stone 1 or more since 1977!) I am looking to the horses currently weighted between 10 stone 6 and 10 stone 12 to find the winner which narrows down considerably the lead candidates. All the horses currently allocated 11 stone or more (with the possibility of a 3 pound rise) all have, in my view, too much weight to win, especially on the likely good to soft, testing ground. Thoughts?

  18. Stuie says:

    The weights together with the key stats suggest that Arbor Supreme(10 stone 8), Irish Raptor (10 stone 7 + great experience of national fences) and Hello Bud (10 stone 6)(latter two trained by Nigel TD so beware!) all have the best chances at the weights.
    Silver Birch (10 stone 5) could sneak a place at long odds if he gets in and recovers anything like his winning form of 2 years ago and previous Becher chase and Welsh national winning form. Unlikely at the age of 13 but not impossible! State of Play could also make a place but will have to defy the ‘run in last 48 days’ stat in order to win. King John’s castle has a great weight of 10 stone 9 but no recent form – he would have to be ‘woken up’ by Aintree and the GN fences to recapture his brilliant form of 2 years ago when 2nd to comply or die. The package has an ideal weight of 10 stone 7 but 7-year olds are usually too inexperienced to do well in the GN and, for this reason, despite his encouraging 2nd in the Wm Hill chase at Cheltenham, I rule him out. Snowy M is in great form but again, too much weight to win unless it comes up good to firm; the value has gone on Big fella thanks and he may not get home over 4.5 miles. Paul N also has a very unlucky record in the race.

  19. admin says:

    Hi Stuie,

    David Pipe has confirmed today that Madison Du Berlais does run in the National

  20. Stuie says:

    Thanks Admin.

    So, the weights wont rise unless Madison pulls out but, on weight allocation alone,I’d rule out anything in the handicap above Backstage as the top 15 are all set to carry 11 stone 2 pounds or higher.