Grand National 2008: Exactas and Trifectas

Trying to find the winner of the Grand National is tricky enough but trying to forecast the first, second and third? Come on, you must be joking?

No, not at all. I genuinely believe that exactas and trifectas are a great way to try and have a big win from a relatively small stake.

More and more often, through whatever system you might use, big handicap races can be narrowed down to a short list of five or six horses that you have to make your final selection from. This gives you a perfect platform from which to perm your exactas and trifectas.

How Much Can You Win?

In the last five years the Exacta and Trifecta have returned the following amounts:

Exacta 667.60
Trifecta 18020.60

Exacta 96.90
Trifecta 401.30

Exacta 612.70
Trifecta 44338.60

Exacta 124.50
Trifecta 18711.60

Exacta 533.90
Trifecta 27120.20

Even the lowest of these would be a nice return and the prospect of a large payment should you strike it lucky and get the 1-2-3 is very appealing.

How Much Does It Cost?

A combination of 4, 5, or 6 horses would be as follows:

4 horses
Exactas = 12 bets
Trifectas = 24 bets
5 horses
Exactas = 20 bets
Trifectas = 60 bets
6 horses
Exactas = 30 bets
Trifectas = 120 bets

Why not perm up your main selections and put in a big price outsider in the hope of boosting your winnings? I tried this bet last year and and came painfully close with Mckelvey, Slim Pickings and Philson Run. To say Silver Birch is not my favourite horse would be an understatement!

If you are unsure of who to go for why not try a combination of the main fancies from our selections thread. Most of the stats men and shrewd judges on this blog have been giving their opinions and I hope they won’t mind if I gather together what I think are the three most popular selections and the most popular outsider and give them as a combination exacta and trifecta:

Comply Or Die
Point Barrow
Black Apalachi
(Close between this one and Naunton Brook, Backbeat, Baily Breeze so take your pick)

Try a 12 x 1 point Exacta and 24 x 0.2 point Trifecta (i.e. it will cost you £16.80 if you deal in £1 points!). Place the bet with Tote bookmakers.

Good Luck To All

Good luck to everyone today, thanks for all your contributions and lets hope all the horses and jockeys come back safe and sound. Make sure you stick around though as we will continuing the blog throughout the year working towards the Grand National in 2009!

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7 Responses to Grand National 2008: Exactas and Trifectas

  1. wacky says:

    Im doing Comply or die,D’argent,simon and naunton brook in combi/tri-cast.

  2. admin says:

    Sounds good wacky – all the best

  3. admin says:

    The Admin combi will be:

    Point Barrow

    Mon Mome


    Baily Breeze

    Anyone else?

  4. Richard Laycock says:


    Mon Mome

    Comply or die


    for me in my permutation exacta…fingers crossed..I had the first 2 home last year but didnt do an exacta :o(

  5. Matt says:

    Butler’s Cabin
    That’s my 5 in all combinations for exacta/trifecta – see you in the Carribbean if I land one!
    All the best for everyone’s selections today, hope someone wins big.

  6. Systems Man says:

    My comment on the eve of the 2008 Grand National on ‘where is the money going’ (taking a look at

    “This is where you will find the WINNER of the GN 2008!
    Comply Or Die 6/20 No Negatives
    Simon 9/20 (2 negatives)
    Bewleys Berry 10/20(1 negative)
    Butlers Cabin 7/20 (4 negatives)
    Hedgehunter 11/20 (sentimental money! 3 negatives)
    King Johns Castle 10/20 (3 negatives)
    Snowy Morning 7/10 (4 negatives)
    D’Argent 5/10 (5 negatives – market cnfused))
    Dun Doire 3/10 (9 negatives! Confused market again))

    The top 7 postives with 7 to 11 also contained 1, 2 and 3rd.
    and look what we all missed, Trifecta £18020.60 for a £1 stake.

    Pity I wasnt brave enougth to have a go but worth remembering for 2009 (however you only need one long shot in the fisrt 3 home to blow any chance)!

  7. admin says:

    Thanks Systems,
    That would have been nice. I’m convinced that there is some mileage in the exacta and trifecta bets for trends followers. I’ve had a few nice returns and a couple of very near misses which I dread to think how much they might have returned.
    The premis is that if we are narrowing the field down to a select band of possibles then quite often those possibles will fill the first two places and occasionally the first three.
    At the kind of returns you have highlighted above even a very small outlay would have meant a tidy return.